Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Intentions

I have every intention of posting pics of the fabulous gifts my boys gave us for Christmas. It never ceases to amaze me that they choose the perfect things that show they truly know us.

I've been totally preoccupied with Morgan Dana Harrington and trying to bring her home. Between work, redecorating (of course you know I'm over the prim thing since Christmas passed) and scouting out I haven't taken a lot of time for picture taking. Though, there was one night when the sunset totally absorbed me and I got a number of photos.

When I'm not online wracking my brain trying to figure out what happened to Morgan, and not working, I've been pulling out all our art and redecorating with it. I've managed to put some of Patrick's tribal assemblages in the bathroom along with some of the boys' terracotta artwork from elementary school. I admit to being completely frustrated with living in an apartment where the landlords could care less so I have to live with certain conditions. Like, for instance, the year they went without replacing the wax ring around the toilet, so it ruined the already gross and cheap linoleum around the toilet. We finally got the green light to do some painting this year, but we decided that since we're moving as soon as possible, not to spend that money on making this place better. The Noonkesters have a history of never giving back a security deposit so we've decided that our money will be better placed in our next home even if it means living with things as they are for now. Even though, we have seriously made things better while living here. When I first found this apartment, I really didn't want to move here. When I told Patrick about the different apartments I was looking at, I always referred to it as "the ugly apartment." Yet, it was in my price range so the ugly apartment came to be our home. We have made the best of it and some friends, after visiting, have referred to it as our "haven" or "nest."

It is really getting to me lately. I'm so ready to move and we will move by Spring. I will not spend another winter here. There is no insulation. We have to go into the crawl space to turn off the water to the washer/dryer every time there is a possibility of freezing. Even with the heat on, it never gets warm until late afternoon and I'm just tired of it. I can barely function when I'm that cold. Patrick wears gloves in the morning while working and checking email. That's pathetic. On top of all that, the Noonkesters found out that we adopted a kitten and tagged $25 onto our rent. Ugh. I've had it. I'm ready to find a new place. How I wish for a house that is ours where we could paint and have the floors we imagine. Wood floors, tile floors...anything but the cheap linoleum they pull from their construction sites. Yes, our landlord owns a construction business yet he can't figure out how to insulate so that we can stay warm or not have to turn off the water to the w/d in the winter. The only time he's come to our apartment concerned about anything was after he found out about the kitten, who has done no damage.

I am grateful for a roof over our heads. Truly I am. But I am ready for more. I am ready for a home that I can be proud of, or at least, not be ashamed of as I have been for a couple of years now. There is only so much we can do.

Wow. I didn't mean to vent so much but I feel better!! LOL

Thanks for listening. Keep positive thoughts for us in finding a beautiful home where we can be comfortable and still have our sweet little Zeke who brings so much joy to our lives (at night when he settles down lol).

Photos soon, I promise.


Janet said...

Your landlord sounds like a genuine Scrooge! I've lived places like that and it sure isn't fun so I'll send you and Patrick lots of positive thoughts that you'll find a perfect place to live. Get out that vision board and start "seeing" your new home!! You've done it before and I have faith that you can do it again.

Happy New Year!!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I'm sorry you have such a yucky landlord. That's such an uncomfortable position to be in. I'm not sure how you guys feel about commuting, but our landlord is fantastic and has a couple of rentals up our way in Clifton Forge available around the $450 mark (a house, 2 bedroom 2 bath with garage I think for the one I'm thinking of). If you guys both telecommute maybe it's an option?

PLUS - we'd be knitting neighbors! hehe

Either way, best of positive thoughts! :)

Lisa said...

Janet, thanks! It gives me hope to know that you've lived like this and now have a beautiful home where you can do what you want!

Sarah, Oh man, that is the cheapest rent I've heard of and sounds so aweosme. If it weren't for my boys still living in Roanoke and needing me to be here, I'd be all over it, especially with the knitting neighbors temptation. :) Thanks!

MissKoolAid said...

I hear ya. My landlord does little to nothing. Last year, I had to spend a week without hot water because he didn't have a backup water heater when mine died (and he should because ours aren't standard.) When I can't sleep at night, I can actually hear my downstair neighbour snore. Little insulation and not very sound proof. Oh to have a house... I'll visualize it for you and you do the same for me ok? ;-)
Love ya. Hugs and happy new year!


Lisa said...

Wow, and I felt bad because our neighbor chops wood in the middle of the night under our bedroom window. I'm glad I can't hear him snore. LOL

I will definitely be visualizing for you Love you, too Sophie!

Kathie said...

I know you are a powerful manifester Lisa ... I am visualizing the perfect home making itself known to you! Perfect timing too with the new year on our doorstep :-)

Kathleen xx

jodi said...

I'm sorry that you have such a bad landlord. A year without a wax toilet ring is just . . . yuch.
I hope that you can find a sweet little place in the new year.

jodi said...

About Morgan H., I have trouble with the idea that she walked past security to find bathrooms. The bathrooms are not that hard to find at JPJ.

jodi said...

I'm aware that that statement makes me look hard but I think that there is something big that everyone is missing. The circumstances are so odd.

gma said...

Since I first met you much good has come into your life. May it continue for you and yours froggy in a comfortable new home.
Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Kathleen, thanks so much my friend!

Jodi, thank you! Yeah, there are a lot of things that don't add up about that night. Some think she was lured outside, others that she was escorted out due to drinking or that maybe she was sick and went out to get some air, again due to drinking. There are so many possibilities that it's overwhelming. I didn't think that made you sound hard at all.

Gemma, thank you beautiful lady. I have much to be thankful for! Happy New Year!

Dawn Gahan said...


As I read this post, I pray for you to find a home this year, one that will embrace you in its cozy walls and that you will love (since a true home, I believe, has a soul, and needs loving and attention). You have made the most of your apartment, creating a pretty space despite the lack of attention your landlord gives it. I can't imagine what you would do in a different (and better!) space!! What fun to look forward to.

Happy New Year! Stay warm, not from the meager heat but from the warmth of loved ones.

The Gahan Girls

Lisa said...

Oh Dawn, your comment made my day. Thank you. Yes, the warmth of loved ones thwarts any cold that would try to take over. ♥

Pam Aries said...

I hera you..I do. I have lived in many apts. just like that. YOU need to move..the universe will find you a better place. It is time. A new year ..a new beginning. are OVER the prim already? haha !That's will have a better home to decorate! I love ya gal!

JoyceAnn said...

Happy New Year , Lisa !

I will say a prayer for Morgan , and pray that the lead they need , comes to surface. It's so sad to start the New Year off not knowing where your child is.

~ Be Blessed ~

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I am sorry you have a crappy landlord. I've had my share. WE had windows hat wouldn't lock, a door falling off the hinges and a aggressive dog in heat put in a cage outside our backdoor. We got him back though. Once we had found a new place to go we called the housing authority on him and he was cited for 24 violations and couldn't sell the place until the critical violations had been taken care of. He ended up being fined for all of them. And the new buyer took money off the top for the repairs needed to our apartment.

My parents are landlords and it's not hard to keep a place in decent shape.Landlords that don't should have the homes taken from them and better yet have their rear ends filled with rock salt fired from a shot gun.

Lisa said...

Pam, I know. Patrick so patient with me. LOL

Joyce Ann, thank you. I can't imagine having that happen.

Comfortable Shoes, It's almost worth having a bad landlord just to read your comment. LOL

Anonymous said...

Our home is new and well insulated and with the hardwood floors and also tile floors they are just always very cold this time of the year. I always wear those heavy white, men's tube socks and a good pair of slippers. Sweat pants and sweat shirt too..... just don't care about being a fashion queen this time of the year...LOL

Sending good strong vibes your way that you will find a much better landlord this spring here in our fair city. Some people are all about the money and NOT about being a good and fair landlord.

The Blue Ridge Gal