Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yay!!! Look at the goodies!

Yep! I won another blog giveaway. My wonderful new (but somehow longtime) friend, Carolina González had a very generous and beautiful giveaway on her blog and I WON! Yay!

I took this pic from her blog because I couldn't possibly display the items in a more beautiful way, besides they're already strewn about the apartment. LOL

I cannot tell you how much I love everything she sent. I'm so excited and have plans for some of it already and others I am learning about.

The pendulum. Oh, what to say about the pendulum. It's the main reason I wanted to win. I've been interested in them for a while and wanting to have one. As soon as I got it (thankfully I was very well grounded this morning through a ritual that I just happened to do!) I tried it out. I have to tell you, I was simply amazed. The energy of our subconscious, our higher power,etc is amazing. I asked it questions that, truly, I knew the answers to already. It was amazing to ask a "yes" question and watch it go and then to ask it a "no" question and watch it stop in its tracks and muster up the (my) energy to change direction.

I am on cloud 9 right now. I love, love, love it all! Thank you Carolina!

I also love the box and the ATC she sent. So beautiful! And, of course, I'm excited about the incense. I have to get some charcoal to burn it very soon. I've been reading a couple of books on kitchen witchery and just this morning I was wondering where in the world I would find some of the ingredients and, of course, today I received them from Carolina! Life is amazing.

I also receive a wonderful book this week as a TOTAL surprise from my dear, dear friend Judie.

The timing was amazing. I had been at Healing Through Creativity all morning helping set up. Whew! Let me tell you, there was more to getting ready for this than I imagined. Grandin Gardens is an incredible place and they were working like crazy to get the little cottage fixed up for our gallery. It had been in a state of disrepair for a number of years before GG bought it. It took some doing to make this little space in the cottage into an art gallery, but this wonderful man named Michael sure made it happen.

When I visited the space less than a week before the Festival there was paint covering the amazing windows. I decided to go dedicate some of my time to scraping them. I spent 3 solid hours scraping the inside windows one weekday. Then when I went back, the outside windows still needed some attention so I scraped some of them, too.

Then I went inside (while George Robertson, the founder of Healing Through Creativity, finished scraping outside) to help hang the artwork. While we were oohing and aahing over the art, I realized that SoulCollage would fit in really well with the other artwork. When I mentioned it, one of the very dear women said that I should run home immediately to get my cards (ALL of them lol) so I did walk home and get them. It was when I went home to get them that I saw the book from Judie.

Is that good timing or what? She wrote the sweetest note about my SoulCollage and I just thought the timing was too amazing to be a fluke. :) She said sweet things that I will continue to recall for a very long time. (coz they make me feel so darn good).

On top of that, the book is just full of great tips, ideas and inspiration. Thank you Judie!!! Judie is truly one of my dearest friends and I am so blessed to know her.

Life is so good. Things are going wonderfully.

I watch that "I've Gotta Feeling" video that I showed you guys several times a day and I is making our lives better exponentially. It is so important to feel good and keep your vibes high!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Much love to all of you. xoxoxoxoxox


Rue said...

That video makes me happy everytime I see it too!

Congratulations on your big win! Nice gifts!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Congrats, it looks wonderful! I'm soooo jealous lol.

Fågel Blå said...

Congrats! This looked grated!