Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Shop and Some Spiritual Ramblings

I opened an Artfire shop today. I'm pretty excited about it and hopefully it will motivate me to get more things made.

I've sort of been in spiritual seeker mode lately and spend a lot of time reading and listening to videos.

It's funny, I guess. I always seem to look for a religion or a belief system that I can lock into. I guess I'd like a label. But the truth is, there isn't one out there for me.

I suppose for the most part, most definite belief systems describe God in ways that I find too limiting and though I like what so many of them represent and do, I can't say that I believe God is definitely this or that.

I believe in an amazing energy that pervades everything. I believe that when we meditate or pray (or whatever we do...spells, chants, rituals, visualize) we tap into that energy. We do it for ourselves, to quiet ourselves long enough to be aware of that presence. It's not a way of manipulating God or the gods or goddesses or whatever we believe that power to be. It's not a way of getting the attention of our higher power or the Universe.

That energy is always there. It beats our hearts. It grows the grass. It controls the stars and planets. It is always there. Meditation (or all those things I mentioned above) simply puts us in a mental and spiritual position (i.e. quiet) to be aware of it and to realize that it is a part of us. We are a part of it. It lets us plug in, so to speak. If I liken that energy to electricity then I think of a lifeless appliance unplugged from the socket. It continues to exist and it continues to have potential but until the plug is actually put into the socket, it doesn't fill that potential. It doesn't have that current running through it. It must be plugged in to benefit and to benefit others.

So, I remain religion-less. I love the Tao but to call oneself a Taoist is sort of like belonging to an Anarchist group. The moment you call yourself a Taoist, it's as if you don't "get" the Tao at all.

Besides, aligning myself with the principles of the Tao doesn't really make me a Taoist anymore than aligning myself with the principles of Jesus makes me a Christian or aligning myself with the Wiccan Reid makes me a Wiccan or Witch or aligning myself with Buddhist principles...well, you get the idea.

I'm not sure why it matters to me. Noone ever asks me what I am. lol I suppose it's all those years of being a Christian and then not only a Christian but a Presbyterian and then not only a Presbyterian but a Presbytery USA Presbyterian and on and on. I've always had a label and now I am labeless.

I guess I am pretty at peace with that right now. Kind of.

Perhaps that is why art is so comforting. The creativity, the energy, the All That Is, the creative force of the Universe, God flows through us and it doesn't matter what we call it. The art comes. The expression comes. Maybe that's why the most satisfying thing for me is when I have no idea what I'm going to do and I just start fiddling with paint or fabric and something comes into being. It reassures me that though I don't have a name for it, the energy is indeed flowing through me into something that I can offer another.

Maybe art is my religion.

I am an artist.



Anonymous said...

Such a deep post. I know exactly were you are coming from. I don't go to church now as I feel some of the people in church try to manipulate my life. I believe in many thoughts of buddhist and feel the energy in and around us. Label is just a label after all, but you have always got what is within your heart. God is love!
You are a wonderful loving artist.
Bless you so much!

Carolina Gonzalez said...

My dear, that person you describe in your post is an Ecclectic Witch, no more, no less. I have been in the path for 20 years and never needed religion at all. Religion is restricting and full of prejudice - Witchcraft is liberating and against all prejudice. Art and science are the two hands of Witchcraft.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

thank you for this post. I completely agree with everything you have said, but haven't been able to say it in those words. I've been so busy with all the craziness of life lately that I haven't worked on meditation or any of those other things that you mentioned.

I do want to add that I think the kind of love that I have with my hubby, (and that I believe you have with your hubby) are also ways of plugging in. I'm not sure how, but I think the kind of love I experience is a way for the peace and the love to multiply in me. It's just a feeling right now that I can't put words to, you know?

thank you again. :) I would love to find a way to see you again soon!!

Pam Aries said...

YES, Yes, my are a true artist.

lunardancer said...

I agree with you when you said religion can be limiting. Actually, as artists I think we should strive more for spirituality and seeking the highest point of ourselves as creations--the products and extension of the immense goodness and love of our Creator--rather than religiousness. Doing what comes naturally to us is our way of fulfilling our sense of being which is a manifestation of the greatness of our Creator.

Marilyn said...

My sentiments exactly!!!! Love this post.