Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Y'all Still Out There?

Just checkin' in. We still don't have the good computer back. It turns out the mother board got fried and it's going to cost a good little bit to get it fixed. Well, it is fixed but it will take some money to get it back.

Things get kind of tight when our clients get behind on their payments to us. We have some that pay really well and some that seem to find it challenging. Unfortunately, this is our only source of income so when they don't pay, well, we don't have any money. lol I know it will all come out ok in the wash. It's just frustrating in the meantime.

I spoke with Tim earlier this week and he was very kind, so that was a relief. Hopefully we will be getting those wrinkles I mentioned earlier ironed out pretty soon.

My mom still hasn't had her procedure, so every week we are on call to drop everything and drive to WV. I know it's frustrating Mom. I told her that maybe they are trying to aggravate her heart back into the correct rhythm. :D

I hate blogging without any pics and while I'm kind of down in the mouth. It's not like this all the time. It's just a challenging couple of months and it's the nature of owning your own business. The trick is not to give up 2 seconds before success, right? So we keep slogging through.

Everything else is wonderful. The boys are doing well (though Mike might be running a temp right now, I'm not sure, he feels a little warm). Nick has gone back to college and Mike is planning to return in the Spring. The weather is beautiful, Patrick and I continue to thrive on being together. Once the workday is over, we do not allow each other to worry or fret about who has paid or what work needs done. We just relax and enjoy each other.

I've been sleeping better the past two nights than I had in months. That feels really good. I didn't wake up once last night and slept until 7am, which was wonderful!

Poor Zeke. Our neighborhood cat, Wally, hates our new kitty! He put a hole in our front window screen trying to get to him. He's done that twice now. The first time, Zeke freaked and jumped to the other window but was going so fast he actually knocked the screen out and fell ( a good distance) to the ground with Wally right on his tail. Patrick ran out and Wally got off of him. Zeke was terrifed but he had a paw full of orange hair. hehe The last time, this morning, Zeke had the sense to just run straight back and up the stairs. He was pretty spooked and looking all around to see where the orange monster was. It's sad because we really like Wally and he's a sweet cat. We used to feed him and let him hang out. I'm sure he is not happy that he's lost one of his winter warm spots, but if he wasn't a bully, he could come in. So it's his own fault! So there.

I've put out a few fall things. They all ended up in the window ledge behind my altar for some reason. It just felt right.

I continue to draw a goddess card every day. Monday, I drew Hel, which was very interesting. She is the mother of the underworld and the Christian Hell gets its name from her. Her world is not full of misery, however, but is just an other world, according to the writer of these cards. Not necessarily in some of the other research I've done. I'll continue to look at it just out of curiousity.

Tuesday I drew Mary, the mother of heaven, who teaches us to be gentle with ourselves (in the words of the writer...I really need to remember his name).

Both these cards were very encouraging to me and said just what I needed to hear on both days. When I drew Hel, I laughed and when I drew Mary, I cried. I have them both sitting on my altar together. Seems right. I haven't drawn one today since Mike was sleeping on the couch (right beside the altar) for most of the morning and afternoon.

I can't say that I believe in these types of deities anymore than others, but I like the idea of archetypes and that we can recognize them within ourselves, for better or worse, and then using that information to inform our reactions and decisions. SoulCollage has really helped me to understand this better for myself.

When the practical things of life weigh on me, it is very nourishing for me to think on spiritual things and to practice these small rituals that keep me centered.

Ok, I've blathered on long enough and didn't even offer you any pics. Sorry about that. I've been taking a LOT of pics. First harvests, Mike's b-day, the full moon (I even got video), my harvested get ready for a photo heavy post when we get the computer back.

Hey, things are looking up already. Patrick came home with a check. hehe

As I told my mom, I'm not complaining. Some folks have tons of money and they're not happy because it's really all they have. We have everything BUT the money and it will come. We are happy in every other way. If I had to choose, that's how I'd want it to be.

Wow, this post was therapeutic. Thanks for reading (if you have lol). I feel like loads of weight just lifted from me.

Ooooh I received my giveaway items from BellaDella Farms yesterday. A vintage Kitchenmaid cake tin, an apron, some glasses, some napkins, a stitching book and some other things...bliss. I had just made muffins, so I washed up the tin and put them right in it. I love it. I remember someone in my family having canisters like the tin back when they were a new thing. lol My mom always laughs when I tell her how she could make money with her fireking and pyrex on ebay. Life is funny. I used to hear "hold on to what you have, it will come back in style one day." If only I had known way back then that ebay and etsy would exist. LOL I had some dynamite purple crushed velvet pants.

You know you want them.



Danni said...

Sorry the neighborhood cat keeps attacking your kitten. Hope the giant orange monster gets over it soon!

Glad you've been feeling a bit better and have been able to sleep. :)

Kate Robertson said...


It was interesting to see as you wrote your post your energy and outlook changed, I love how writing can do that.

Here is hoping things start looking up financially for you.



Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Great to hear from you!! :) As soon as my knuckle is feeling better, we have got to do some knitting!

KaiBlue said...

Kitties are finicky..Kelisa's only likes dogs..go figure. It's nice to read your newsy post about life.. :)
Peace, Kai n Md

Emily said...

I miss you and I can't wait to see you. I might have some extra time now to come down and visit. Considering I'm not allowed to work. Maybe next week. I love and miss you all terribly. Tell Mikey I hope he feels better.

Love love love love love love


Tinker said...

Hope the kitties call a truceand those checks start rollin' in - but it's good to hear that all else is well in your life!

gma said...

Blogging is part of life and also a place to tell it like it is from time to time. Sending happy wishes your way!

Anonymous said...

That was a long post but a wonderful one. Thanks for sharing with us! I hate to post without pictures too.Writing can be very therapeutic.
I'm glad that you and Patrick are doing well. :)

Janet said...

Yep, I'm still here....late getting around but I'm here. It's good to hear you talk about your life with Patrick. When you write about him I can see the smiles coming through your words.

You're such a positive person. I'm sure the checks will begin showing up and things will turn around for you soon.

Antoinette said...

I love those little rituals too for centering. They make me feel peaceful and just more mindful or something. What are the goddess cards that you use? They sound lovely.

Anonymous said...

Cats can be so finicky about who, and what they like. Maybe he will get over himself and they will become friends. Now those crushed velvet pants were they long pants or short shorts. My god mine were hot pink short shorts. That is a scary thought. hehe