Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Birthday Already?!?

I could swear I was just posting the pics from his 16th.

Can't post the pics I took tonight, but did want to make a note that today is Mike's 17th birthday. He had some friends over and I baked a cake. Teenage boys can sure wolf down some cake. Now they are out celebrating and I'm not going to think about how. :)

I've made a new soulcollage card and done more work on my spirit doll/bottle thingey. I've been taking photos and will upload lots when we get the computer fixed. Soon. Soon!


Miss Robyn said...

that's right! You did soulcollage.. I sometimes make card like things for my journal, and it is amazing how insightful they when I look back on them

I am making some salt dolls this weekend, to do a closure for my group that I lost last week.. it is a kind of healing ritual.. look forward to seeing your spirit doll!

Pam Aries said...

Hi Girlie! Any cake left??? I a mworking on a gypsy doll..all of a sudden I want to sew sew sew sew sew

Jess said...

Hi Lisa, I'm back in Blogland and have missed your posts! I love the Goddess cards, they're so beautiful and how lovely to be inspired by one each day :) Wish your baby boy a big happy birthday from me and I hope he had a great time and that you didn't worry too much! (I know...I've been there!)xx

DMG said...

Check out my blog today, BFF!