Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Practical Magic

Ever since discovering the Domestic Witch blog (see button on sidebar), I have been hearing about the movie Practical Magic. It's pretty old and I'm pretty sure I had wanted to see it at some point but then forgot about it. Since I couldn't rent or buy it quick enough, I did an internet search to see if it is ever on cable. Yes! It is on tonight on the WGN network. I am so excited. Patrick and I have already made plans for me to bake cookies and then we'll eat them while watching this movie. lol This house, particularly the kitchen and conservatory, is just so perfect. And I adore all of the actresses in it. I'm so grateful that I searched just a couple of days before it would be showing.

Life sure has been interesting the past couple of weeks. I feel I'm on a new path and it feels good and exciting. I'm learning new things that don't seem so new and I'm becoming much clearer about what does and doesn't make me happy. Soon I will work up the courage to say no to the things I don't like. I thought I had learned that lesson already. Sigh. But here I am, again, knee-deep in volunteering and wishing I had held back.

I had the best of intentions. One way or another, it will all be over by the end of October and I will listen a little more closely to my spirit telling me how much I hate being over-committed and especially being thrown jobs that make me feel very uncomfortable. (not morally, just personally)

I feel some soulcollage cards coming on, I think. :)

I also feel a giveaway coming on. I have had such an abundance of blog giveaway winnings lately! I've won two since posting the last ones. It seems time for me to send along a few things to you people who make me smile so. Let me figure out a few things and I'll try to let you know what I'll be giving away later this week or this weekend.

Oh, oh, oh AND dear Alberta is going to buy my little cat painting. I'm so excited.

Life is good. It's mysterious and miraculous and just...good.


Art by Darla Kay said...

Oh you'll love the movie! I'm such a huge Sandra Bullock fan so it's hard for her to ever disappoint me!
Have fun!!

Janet said...

I loved that movie! I'm sure you will too. Cookies and a movie with your honey....sounds like a great way to spend the evening. Enjoy!

jodi said...

Sounds good. You have peeked my curiosity about the house!

Sara said...

Oh I love that movie so much. Honestly, I think I have watched it about 10 times. Love the house... the kitchen in the house... everything. I think maybe I will watch it again tonight. I have it on dvd. :)

This is my first visit to your blog. I found you through Mel's blog and the Sisterhood. Nice to meet you.


Kathie said...

I absolutely love the movie "Practical Magic" ... I have it in my collection ... and I even have the book!

I love all of the characters - especially the aunts as they remind me of a couple of my female friends!

Kathleen xx

Kate Robertson said...


Its a fun movie, you are sure to love it.


Renee said...

I loved that movie Lisa. It was awesome.


Brenda Pruitt said...

So easy to say yes, and then to rethink it over time. We've all been guilty of that! What you learn as you grow older in your womanhood, is that you will know that "you" have to schedule time for "you" and that it is a high priority!

Pam Aries said...

it is all good my dearie! I love that movie..too. You need t o pop over to my blog

Dawn Marie Howard said...

Sounds like your having a "coming into your own", thats what my mom calls them. Lucky you! Great post and thanks for adding me to your side blog