Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trust the Process

This is a fun little painting I worked on a couple of weekends ago. I was covering an old painting I didn't like. I took a bottle of white craft paint and it was almost empty so I was tapping it on the canvas and loved the way the circles looked. So, I went and got other colors that were almost empty and did the same thing and made the pattern all over it. The next morning, I put a couple of dabs of yellow and smushed it around and started just turning it, trying to determine what to do next. I would paint stuff on and wipe it off (the benefit of a dry background...making mental note). Each time I wiped, the texture would change subtly and then , finally I saw her. I grabbed a watercolor pencil and outlined just what I saw there. I took step-by-steps of the process if anyone is interested. I wasn't sure she was done so I hung her up for a while to decide. She does have a pupil in her blue eye now. I guess I didn't take another picture after that. I've decided to leave her alone. I like her.

This is going to be a cushion cover. Just a giant Granny Square.

This was inspired by SoulCollage. We are always being reminded to Trust the Process. We don't have to teach that much, really. Just let folks do SoulCollage and let the SoulCollage work its magic. I couldn't decide on the designs but then I received Violette's Book, Journal Bliss, and she had a whole thing on doodling. So I doodled on the fabric with an ink pen and then stitched over it. I'm pretty pleased. I'm not sure what it will become when its finished.

Life is good. Business is good. Art is fun. I sold a doll last week. I totally forgot that I still had product over at Artella and then I got a notice that Peace Bearer (one of my faves) had sold. I have since requested the rest of the dolls to be removed. I don't feel like fooling with shipping and stuff since we're so busy with work and volunteering with HTC. Life is full and more wonderful than I even dreamed. And you all know...I dream big. :)


Flor Larios Art said...

Cool technique. Super interesting painting!

Shell said...

Your painting is like a mythical Green lady of the forest. Pretty.

Marie said...


Love the painting! I do want to expand on my creative outlets and painting and drawing is on my to do list.

I also liked the patchwork. I was toying around that if any of us like to sew maybe we can do a survivors quilt. Just an idea.