Sunday, March 01, 2009

False Starts

I started this doll this morning. I went to bed thinking of getting up to make a doll.

This is a napkin I bought at Art on a Mission, which has closed now, sadly. It was a thrift and art store whose profits went to the Rescue Mission. I loved shopping there.

The napkin is from a hotel and is really thick and sturdy.

I drew and inked the face on some canvas and stitched it to the doll.

Then I had an idea to use an Annie Oakleaves pattern I bought a while back. Remember when I told you that if you use a heat transfer pencil, you need to be sure and reverse the image?


I forgot. tee hee But I decided not to worry about it. I figured I'd just put something else over the writing.

I stitched this two or three different times and didn't like it. Then I beaded it and didn't like it. So after ripping the stitches out for the fourth time, I painted over the whole thing and decided I would collage it.

So now it's drying. I have no idea where it's going but it sure is fun.

Isn't Annie Oakleaves stuff cute?


Unknown said...

Oh, she does look like she is going to be a cutie! Keep it going...just go with the flow. Love it.

Kathie said...

Can't wait to see the collaged doll!

I love how "mis-takes" often guide us to new creative solutions!

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa, you always have such a deep flow of imaginations to create your inspirations from :)
peace, Kai

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa.. I love her! Flower Power!..and she knows how to use it with Grace and ease :) - And I'm enjoying your revelation of letting her evolve into what she wants to be vs. your preconceived idea. Isn't it something how our creations tell us what they want? I'm working on an Intention Doll for a friend, and I too have let her sit so I can be sure I'm tuned-in to what she wants to become...very intersting.

Thanks for stopping by my Art in Every Day blog - it's always good to know you've been near.

hugs and smiles to you..

Anonymous said...

I really like her face (you've done a wonderful job). I can feel her presence...compassionate, patient, wise and magical :)
love you girl..

Lisa said...

Thank you all so much!