Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love and Inspiration

I had a wonderful time yesterday and this morning visiting all the blogs participating in the Soul Journal Blog Party.

I took a little break mid-morning to go fix breakfast. After we had finished eating, I headed upstairs to look at a few more blogs and was met with a wonderful little note with a poem written by my husband laying right on the keyboard. (melt, melt) and he had chosen another beautiful poem from a book he bought for me last year. He is such a beautiful person and I am the luckiest woman on the planet. I'm even luckier because he doesn't just do these things on Valentine's Day. He's always surprising me like that. Before I came upstairs I hugged and kissed him and told him how being married to him was the best Valentine gift and that every day was a special day. He kind of laughed and I even asked him, "what?" He said, "Nothing" (with a little gleam in his eye) and said that he felt the same. Well, when I got upstairs and found that sneaky boy's note and read his poem that basically said what I had just said to him, I had to laugh and cry at the same time.

Ok, enough of that, right? Ok. :)

I've been having a lot of fun since I joined Willowing's Wonderful World Of Whimsy ning site. I finally got swept up in the whole cute little girl craze. I watched a really great video of Tams (willowing) about face shading and went to do one of my own. I actually really like the way she turned out.

I think she's kinda cute.

And remember when I asked for inspiration? Friday I mopped the kitchen floor. I had thrown the throw rugs on the washer so I could, well, wash them. I always dry my floor after I mop it because the kitchen is the only way in and out of our apartment so it never has time to dry on its own. Anyway, I threw the old dirty towel on top of the rugs.

Later, Patrick was saying something to me and I glanced past his shoulder to see this:

Just last week I was thinking of doing a "crone" painting but I wasn't sure how I would go about it. Look at that face! And only now am I seeing an extra profile beside her. hmmmmm. Thanks Universe!

We watched Dream Girls yesterday. I can't believe I had never watched it before. It's wonderful!! I was also inspired by the movie to do another little girl drawing. They are sketched in my journal and I'll probably paint them in later and show you. Man, once you ask for inspiration, you just never know where it's going to come from. It's important to pay attention.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


PennyBlue said...

Enjoyed catching up. Love the whimsical cutie! happy Vday...sounds like you have a winner of a romantic!

Kate Robertson said...


Your girl is wonderful and the crone face in the towel, hmmm I look forward to how that vision materializes.

I love how you have been sharing how inspiration is coming into your life. Its wonderful to see.


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Happy Love and Heart Day!

Really like your girl!

I see the faces in the towel.
Cool! I seen a mixed media
piece I think in a book that used
an old lady mask. It was really
neat and am looking for one. Might
have to create one myself.

Check out the page of a book
I put up on my blog when you
get a chance. I spoke about the
book at Violettes awhile ago.

Thanks for all the Prayers.
My son had his last surgery.
He'll be looking for a job
soon. He would of went back
to his old job but they went
out of business. So he has to
find a new one.

I watched Part 1 of Oliver Twist
on OPB tonight. Watched Art Beat
too. I'll have to check into
Dream Girls. I finally seen, The Secret Life of Bees.

Lisa OC mentioned Gray Gardens and I picked up a doc. at the Library of it. Looking forward to the movie coming out with Drew Barrymore about it.

God Bless You and Yours and
Your Creative Life!!!

A Bit of Colour said...

I am a little late in stopping by as on V-Day I was busy. Thanks for stopping by mine. You are one talented lady. Very cool pictures.


Shell said...

I love the pictures, so pretty. Willowing is cool. I watch her videos on youtube. The blog party was so much fun. I so enjoy being a part of them. That is what I love about life. You never know where your inspiration will come from. Just have to stay open and loose.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lisa! What a lovely Valentine's treat! Your painting is adorable!

Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

di from di-did-it said...

What a special guy you've got!

I love your whimsical gal. You did a great job. I just discovered Tam a few weeks ago & have been thinking of taking her new class.


Unknown said...

wow..just keep finding some beyond awesome talent out there...
just love your blog...
thanks for being you..
you have a great week...
mona & the gaffer girls..
ps ... having a soulmate makes like wonderful... does'nt it?

Pam Aries said...

Yo Girlfriend! You hit the hubby jackpot! I see the FACE! Wow! I see faces in so many things..isn't that cool!

Pam Aries said...

Yo Girlfriend! You hit the hubby jackpot! I see the FACE! Wow! I see faces in so many things..isn't that cool!

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa,
She's gorgeous, very serene and thoughtful..
she has a kinda Mona Lisa Smile..
Peace, Kai xx

Unknown said...

love your new pic..
you are so cute...
hope you see a rainbow tomorrow or some sunshine...
all our love
mona & the gafer girls

Lisa said...

Wow, thanks for all your kind comments!

Laura said...

Lisa, I love the serendipity of discovering the dirty towel crumpled into the form your heart was searching for! I love when things like that happen! And I do like your little girl paintings...what's her name?

Have fun painting or sculpting your crone-she will indeed be infused with wisdom.


Renee said...

Hi Lisa, I am so glad that you came by so now I have found you. Lucky me.

I love your girl she turned out great.

I also loved when you talked about your husband and said melt melt.

Too cute.