Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Wonderful Lunch

I had lunch in this beautiful cafe today! I was right back in that corner table with one of my favorite people on the planet, Diane.

She is the Sufi Minister who married Patrick and me.

You can see more pictures of the Local Roots Cafe here. And, incidentally, pictures of Diane. lol

She just happens to be the mother of the owner and founding chef.

Patrick gave me a ride to the lunch. My car wouldn't start. It does that sometimes when it rains. I thought it was out of gas but later in the day it started right up.

It worked out perfectly because I was able to walk home.

We had a wonderful lunch and amazing conversation.

We talked about art, Sufism, feminine energy, Kundalini, SoulCollage, Rumi, Women in Ministry and so many other soulful things.

My spirits have been lifted.

I didn't go there to have my spirits lifted.

I invited Diane to lunch simply because I love her to pieces and enjoy her amazing energy.

She sends out love in all directions and is a fascinating woman; bright, intelligent and funny.

We had a wonderful time.

The food was absolutely delicious, too.

And the walk home was beautiful and invigorating.

I love my neighborhood.

I am blessed.


Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

You seem like someone who generally enjoys life despite your low spots and occasional pity parties. Hummm. Sounds like me! Lol.

Looks like a great place to meet, greet and eat. I'm a coffee nut, or a coffee bean head too. I really enjoy little places like this.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have joined you! Sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for the kind comments. My friend who owns your spirit doll remarked about it the other day. Very fondly too!
I am glad we found each other again! It is good to hear you so happy and content!

Kate Robertson said...

The lunch sounded wonderful. I love connecting with friends that way. Lucky you,


Lisa said...

Sandi lol I have a very happy life but allow myself some pouting time now and then. :D

Kathleen Oh that would be such fun! I'm so glad your friend likes her doll.

Kate I do, too, and I've been making much more time for it lately. That was one of my 2008 goals and I think I'll continue in 2009.

Janet said...

How nice to be able to share a lunch with someone so inspirational.

KaiBlue said...

you're blessed, loved and inspiring.
peace, Kai

Caroline said...

Hi - I just popped in - I saw your blog name on someone's blogroll and thought - ooooh that's someone who does SoulCollage isn't it!

I just happened to have been looking at your flickr SoulCollage cards yesterday and re-reading my own comment on your Death card... seems I still haven't made my new one... maybe now I will!

Good to find your blog.

And wonderful to come in on it with such a lovely gathering place posted!

Kathryn Costa said...

You are blessed. Wow what an amazing cafe and your friend sounds like a true kindred spirit.

Now I'm blessed because you want to share your journey with me. I look forward to seeing your Soul Journal pages - each and every one!

{soul hugs}

Lisa said...

Janet, It was awesome.

Kai, You're one of the bright blessings in my life.

Caroline, It took a while for one to come to me, too. It's good to see you!

Kathryn, Thanks for all you do with Soul Journal. I'm happy to be a part of it!