Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vote Now at!

The message below was sent by Yoko Ono to her email list this week.

Voting ends at 5:00 Eastern Time tomorrow - Thursday, January 15th, so please act today.

Hi. This is yoko ono.

I fully support the idea of voting for a DEPARTMENT OF PEACE.

Read the following instructions and VOTE! Please VOTE for a Department of Peace NOW

Make sure the BLUE VOTE BUTTON next to the title has turned to a RED VOTED BUTTON in order for your vote to be counted.


You can read all of Yoko's message on her website.

Friends, this is our final push. If only a third of you receiving this email vote, we will easily be in first place.

* We must stay in the top 10 for the idea to be presented to the Obama Administration by
* If we stay in the top 10, will launch a national campaign in support of the initiative.

So, who can you call? Who can you email? Who can you invite to help make the promise of change a political reality?

* Find detailed voting instructions here.

Let's all join Yoko Ono and encourage everyone we know to go to and make sure that blue "VOTE" button turns to red.

We can do this. We ARE doing this. This is our time. Let's claim it.

In peace and partnership,

All of us at The Peace Alliance

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Pear tree cottage! said...

this is a very good thing!!