Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Morning After or a Ridiculous Post of Pictures

This is how I spent my Christmas early-mid morning.

We were waiting for the boys to get back from their dad and stepmom's. I didn't have to cook because we were going next door for dinner. I made some simple sweets. (I keep meaning to give you the recipe) So I had time to look around at some blogs and become very inspired. Finally, the Thrifty Collage Artist, Suzan Buckner, put me over the edge and I had to get my journal out. I bet we both thought we had chosen a blog background that noone else would have. hehe I'm probably going to change mine up for the New Year.

Anyway, I am really happy with this journal spread and it was just so much fun to do; so relaxing. My journals are moleskins that Nick bought me last Christmas. It only took a year for me to think to glue the pages together so they'd be thicker when I wanted to do more collage and painting on them. Literally, a year. From Christmas to Christmas.

Enough about my journal. I have a gazillion pictures to show you from yesterday.

These are our good friends, Justyn and Jason.

She made the best dinner last night. Chicken (something I can't pronounce), rice, asparagas and some yummy orange cake for dessert.

We all came back to our apartment for the cake.

This is the Christmas tree they bought us. Isn't it gorgeous? We will forever think of them when we get it out year after year.

The boys, here, are talking over the drum Nick made Mike for Christmas. Nick's telling him he should get a strap for it.
The drum looks awesome and sounds great, too. Mike plays a drumset but I didn't realize he could just pick this one up and start playing it. Wow!
Sometimes I am in awe of their talent.
Yeah, I know, I'm their mom. But seriously!

Here's Patrick opening his gift from Mike. It's a book on Reiki.
Patrick is a Reiki Master.

Here's Mike in his fingerless mitts I crocheted for him. He seems to approve.
One of his stepbrothers or stepsisters got that hat for him. He loves it.
I was really happy with the way the mitts turned out and they fit him fine and don't look girlish. I ended up making my own pattern after searching all over the internet for something plain and boyish.

The boys hugging after Nick gave Mike the drum.

Nick modeling his gift from me.
I saw one of these on Etsy several months ago and knew that's what I wanted to make Nick.
He seems to really like it and figured out some different ways to wear it.

This is a groggy froggy from Mike. I love it.
I think it's funny that the frog thing has caught on.
My beloved Glitter Sisters started sending me froggy things a long time ago but now my family is doing it. lol
I really love it.

This is the miniature Gutenberg Press that Nick made us.
Patrick's family was in printing and he has great love for the printing press and has a lot of interesting tales from the business.
Nick picked up on that and thought Patrick would enjoy this. He also figured I could find some crafty ways to use it.

He had it set up to print a Christmas card for us. It has a metal plate and magnet backed stamps so they don't slip and slide. The paper fits under brass holders. You just roll on the ink, then close the little hinged plate (you can't see the hinge because the card is on it), slide it up under the press and then give it a little bit of pressure. Ta-da. A print.

I was just saying this year that next year I'm going to try to do the Christmas card thing. My Glitter Sisters are so wonderful sending out cards. I love getting them but just never get my act together to send them.

Well, Nick just made that a whole lot easier.

So that was our Christmas day.

It was quiet and fun.

I hope yours was whatever you wished it to be.



Lisa,Love your journal page!!
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
I had to repost.
Your Christmas looks awesome! Thank you for following my blog. I'm a lot slower to post stuff...there are too many distractions around here.
Have a Happy New Year.

Blog said...

You definitely have that healing, creative Froggy energy about you! Enjoy! :) I love the collage! Your creativity is very inspiring!

Happy Holidays!

JoyceAnn said...

Great journal page ~~~~ the tree looks beautiful and everyone looks happy , enjoyed seeing the photos.

~ Many Blessings ~

Nadya said...

I love the little house! I have several birdhouses on my porch - had to repaint one awhile ago - & a few little ones inside - it's fun seeing it on the shelf.
Sounds like you had a lovely day - me too :)

Blessings & happy close to new year

Lisa said...

Thanks so much Suzan!

Janet (dolci) I really enjoy your blog!

Haley-O Wow, what a wonderful thing to say. Thank you. Have a great holiday!

Thanks Joyce Ann! We had a good time.

Dia, thanks so much! I'm glad you had a good one too. :)

Tinker said...

That printing press looks so cool! I bet you're both going to have a lot of fun with that. So glad you and Patrick and your boys had a merry Christmas, Lisa!XOXO