Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Edit: Thank you, Sherrie, for asking about their website! I didn't think to leave a link. Here's their Myspace.

Nick's band played at a local music store on Monday night. They did an awesome job and sold a bunch of their cds!

I love how Audrey is looking on.

That's my boy.


Warlock said...

He's a cutie!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

hehe thanks. Love your scarf model. :) Aren't husbands handy?

Giggles said...

That's awesome....he has the same look as my son-in-law! I know how it feels when he gets his music out there,I am so proud of him. The process of writing and recording is so much work. I doubt people understand it completely! Love the photo's of him. Does he have a my space page where we can have a listen?

Hugs Giggles

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for asking. I added it to the post. I'm really proud of him and the band. They practice a LOT and write their own stuff and even write songs for each other, which I think is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your son, Lisa!
And happy Thanksgiving to you and Patrick and all of your loved ones~Hugs

Lisa said...

Thanks Tinker! We had a happy one. I hope you and yours did.