Friday, October 24, 2008

This woman needs to charge more!

But until she does, hehe, I thought I'd come share this with you. The doll in this picture is 15 inches and she's only $10.00! I looked at it three times to see if I was right. She has another really cute doll for only $12.00, too. So if you're doing some Christmas shopping or just some "I deserve this" shopping, head over to her shop, Symple Tymes! And, if I read it right, there's free shipping in the US. I just happened to run across her while I was looking through my favorite sellers on Etsy. I must have saved her when I very first started back in 2006. It's really interesting to go through and see how our tastes change over the years. I can see that I go through cycles and save favorite sellers in clumps in relation to those cycles. It's kind of funny. lol

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. I can't believe she's selling that doll for 10 bucks! If I had 10 bucks in paypal, I'd be all over it but I just emptied it buying some soap to go with Christmas presents I'm crocheting.

Hmmmm, on second thought, go buy something from me and I'll go buy the doll. LOL


Update! She's sold! :)

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