Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting and Stitching

These are pieces I've finished this week.

I wanted to include a pattern for the peace flake stitchery today but I'm going to have to re-draw it. At the time, I wasn't thinking past stitching it so I covered the lines with heat tranfer pencil. No matter how much I photoshop it, it still looks messy. So I'm going to just draw it again. Hopefully, I can share that later, if anyone is interested.

Speaking of heat transfer pencils. Do any of you use them? I love mine. You simply trace over the lines and then iron it on. Until my light table is finished, it's the absolute easiest way to transfer patterns that I've printed from the internet or even from clipart books.

I'm working on stitching Ghandi for the Etsy PeaceNiks Team. I found a photograph of Ghandi and then photoshopped him to get a line drawing and printed him out. I traced the image with the heat transfer pen and ironed him onto muslin.

Now I have something stitchable.

I would like to find the pencil in black or another dark color because sometimes the red is difficult to see, particularly on other colors of fabric.

After I finish up some Roanoke SuddenValues work I need to do, I'm going to make some time for creating. I just haven't decided what I feel like doing yet. It's nice to have options, though.

Oh, I know one thing I'm in the mood to do today. I want to redecorate my blog! Hmmmmmm. I better hurry and get this work done!


KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa and Pat,
I love Ghandi so this project is really interesting!!
How are you both doing?
PEace, Kai xx

Janet said...

I didn't know about the heat transfer pen! What a great idea! I think your Ghandi paint/stitch will be terrific.

I've been off on a blog break but I think I'm back now. It's good to catch up and see what you've been doing. You're always so busy!!

Lisa said...

Hi Kai! We're good; busy but good. :) How are you and Mr. Dan?

Hi Janet! I hope you had a good break. I've been loving seeing your drawings on flickr.