Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A great giveaway! (not mine, again) lol

Simple-needs is giving away all this awesome stuff for her 100th post. Be sure to go comment! (But I'm going to win it) hee


Pam Aries said...

Hi Lisa! How are you! I posted on my blog today...news.

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by! this looks like a great giveaway, i just stopped by and entered myself! i love how your luminary turned out. my cousin just finished some of the jar ones now i'm gonna have to do some of yours =D i have a sale coming up in a couple weeks (yay!)
have a goood week

Lisa said...

Pam, I'm so excited for you. Good to hear from you girlfriend.

Brandie,Thanks! I'm really wanting to do some of the jar ones but I need to eat some stuff up first. lol Have a great sale! I love your stuff.

Sandy said...

Thank You for stopping over at my blog...come back again.

I have been checking yours out also and liking it...I will be back :)


Cathy said...

Hello Lisa! I am excited also to "meet" another WV girl! I live in Charleston! (10 miles north.) AND my Parents are from the Gauley Bridge area. My 71 year old mom went to GB high school! My grandmother had a business right outside of Gauley bridge...in Belva. I still have lots of relatives in Swiss, a few miles from Gauley. You never know we could be related!