Friday, September 26, 2008

Today is my brother Allen's birthday! As you can see, he plays steel guitar. He's really awesome. He's always been the best brother anyone could ask for. Happy Birthday, Allen!

Below are a couple of things I've worked on over the past two days. The dishcloth is from a pattern I found on the Lily site. I used Sugar N Cream yarn. I really enjoy working with it and this pattern was very easy for this beginner.

I cannot remember where I got the pattern for the bird that I stitched onto a thrifted napkin. I have so many patterns. Recently, Patrick turned me onto plastic sleeves so I rescued all my patterns from being crumpled up in a folder and put them each in their own plastic sleeve. All my crochet and knit patterns are in one notebook and all my embroidery patterns in another. It's such a joy now to just leaf through them and they stay all nice and neat. I can just stick them in the shelf and they hardly take up any space at all. Yay Plastic Protector Sleeves!

I've been in a real funk today. I don't know why exactly. Hormones, I suppose. The feeling finally left this evening and I am so glad. I never cry anymore, unless it's happy tears but I sobbed this morning over the silliest things. Ugh. Being female is annoying sometimes. lol I'm all good again now, though. I guess I can take a few hours of irrational depression every year and a half or so. :)

Patrick has a cold so I think we'll just be lazing around the apartment most of the weekend. That suits me just fine. It's been cold and rainy in Roanoke so we've been eating lots of warm comfort foods the past few days. That's been good for Patrick's cold, too.

A new merchant, Annie Moore's Pub, signed on with us today so I'll be working on their stuff this weekend. We're really excited that they're hopping on board! We love that place. In fact, one of the bands that play there, the Nicky Tams, has one of our best friends, Bert, playing bagpipes, whistles and singing. He invited me to sing with them last weekend but we didn't make it out. Maybe one of these days. :)

Other than working (which is fun) I plan to get lots more stitching done and to get some things in my shop. It's pretty bare at the moment.

I just joined a group called Etsy Peaceniks! I'm really excited to get some things made for this group.

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxoxoxoxox

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