Saturday, September 20, 2008

Era Guitars

My little boy. :)


Anonymous said...

wow! you must be so proud - he's quite talented. i've never seen homemade guitars like that. very cool! btw, been missing you at the oasis! :)

Anonymous said...

Even if you could not play them, they are beautiful works of art.
Your son is a doll :-). I am sure you being his mom has something to do with that :-).

Doe Grozs Art said...

This was so cool and a great idea! I really like the sitar one... I'm thinking my son, (who reminds me of your son btw) would be interested in this. I'll have to send him this link. He too is always inventing stuff and playing whatever he picks up.
Tell your son "Great Job".
and I too miss you at the Oasis :-)

Lisa said...

Thanks Stacy! I need to wander back over to the Oasis. I haven't been doing any mandalas lately, becoming a bit obsessed with crochet and embroidery. lol

Annie, thank you. I would love to take the credit for how cool he is. hehe

Doreen, Nick would be happy to know that your son is checking them out. I miss you guys, too. I need to go over there and see what's going on. :)

KaiBlue said...

Groovin' to the jam baybee!!!! nifty!!
peace, Kai

PennyBlue said...

WAY COOL! Very talented. My "little boy" just recently turned 17! But as you know I still have the little guy, so I can go through all that growing all over again. Thanks for sharing and Happy fall!

gma said...

These guitars are really cool. Your son is very talented and creative. I am going to share this video with some guitar playing friends.

Lisa said...

Kai Groove on! :)

Darcy, my younger son is 16. I'm glad there's not a younger one. lol

Thanks Gemma. Nick will be so happy to hear that!

Flassie, that was happening to me, too and then Nick told me that it just wasn't loading all the way so you have to start over. It's kind of a pain, I know! Thanks so much for letting me know it happened to you so I could pass it on. I hadn't thought to warn everyone about that.

Diana said...

Wow, I am sooooo impressed. He is awesome and so creative! Has he shown these off at Kelly's Music? I bet they would love to see them.