Sunday, August 24, 2008

We had a really great time last night, well the whole day really. Jason, our neighbor, brought over some chicken and steak for Patrick to grill. He came over and hung out while his girlfriend, Justin, was still at work. Jason and Patrick I tried to get a casual shot of them talking at the grill but they saw me and posed. lol We got a lot of talking in, finding out that we are kindred spirits, their spiritual ideas being very similar to ours.

Around 6:30pm, Justin came home bearing gifts! Gorgeous fresh flowers. These beautiful flowers. Page from a book about grilling.This awesome book on grilling. StrawberriesKiwi And these yummy strawberries and kiwi! Later I was wishing I had more candles to light so she went home and brought several back. Then when they left, she told me to just hang on to them. Jason left his extra beer in the fridge. I think we got the best end of this whole deal. lol

Justin and Jason They're a really sweet and fun couple. She's artistic and sells jewelry at one of my favorite shops, Seeds of Light. Jason is a metal fabricator and does Aikido. They're both very spiritual. We had such a great time talking last night.

Us. :) Here's a pic of us that Jason took.

Candle glow This is not a great pic but it kind of shows you how glowy things were.

I really needed that kind of day and evening. Very relaxing.

Sunday Breakfast This morning we both just wanted a light breakfast of fruit.

mmmm tomatoesPatrick pulled some more tomatoes off the vine. Yummm. I love the look of them in the window sill with the sun and even the torn screen (that we salvaged from the basement..there were no screens when we moved in). For some reason, the tomatoes remind me of jelly jars filled with apple jelly sitting in the sun and the way looking at that always makes me feel.

Now we're getting ready to have some lunch. I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend (or had one). Thanks for letting me share our Saturday get-together with you.


Olivia said...

What a nice time, great pictures, makes me feel as though I were there, Lisa :) Thank you for sharing. Blessings, O.

Mahala said...

All the fruit looks so yummy.

altermyworld said...

WOW what a fabulous time you guys had, Lisa thank you so much for coming by my blog, i so appreciate it,take care my friend.

Lee Ann said...

Those tomatoes are so lovely! I like the torn screen, too.

Anonymous said...

this is a great tomato shot! the light, the screen. nice work :) thanks for commenting on my olivia ballon video :)