Monday, March 24, 2008

What a Year

Good morning everyone! I've spent some time reading over my blog from about a year ago. It was really interesting to think about that time and watch as things progressed from the time I started doing SoulCollage and becoming aware of the law of attraction.

I had to laugh (sort of) when I realized the abrupt manner in which my blog depicts my life. In one post I was living one life and in the next it was as if I had just dropped into another. In some ways, that is exactly how it feels.

I'm grateful for my blog. It is the only way I would have documented the things I have; the date of my first soulcollage cards, the date when I first read Wayne Dyer's books and started watching positive videos on youtube. I did leave out the documentation of when I finally was able to reconnect with Patrick, but I figured out which week it was. There was a week in May when I didn't blog and when I came back I told you that I'd been focusing on something else. That was the week that I finally pulled up the Chamber of Commerce newsletter with Patrick's pic and phone number in it and was able to tell him that I was leaving Tim. He told me that he wished we could be together and I told him that I thought we should. I told him all about the visualizing I had been doing about that and in less than two months we were sharing an apartment. It still amazes me.

I was also looking at my art. It doesn't seem as expressive as it was at that time. I was going through so many changes. They were documented all through my art at the time. I want my art to be expressive.

I was reading your comments from a year ago. What a supportive group of blogging friends I am blessed with. I think I've lost a few of my readers along the way. My abrupt change of life, my focus on co-creating our lives and maybe my change in creativity have driven some away or just caused them to lose interest. There is a certain amount of attrition in blogging as people find new blogs and necessarily have to give up others to make time to get to the ones they love. I have, I think, 500 blogs listed on my sidebar. I definitely do not read them all daily. I don't read blogs like I used to. Sometimes I really miss it, but there just isn't time for everything.

I so appreciate those of you who have hung in there with me over this year. I appreciate the cheering up and the cheering on.

It's amazing how some of you seemed to know where I was headed before I did. :)

I am so grateful for your emotional support. I want to be a better blogger friend to you.

I've been busy making dolls and some other things. I'll do another post later today or tomorrow with lots of pictures. I keep making stuff and not posting it to etsy, which makes it difficult to sell it. lol Later this week, we're going to get our tent. We had planned to get it earlier but had some things come up (cars, teeth) that ate our tent money so, barring any unexpected expenses, we should order it next week. Then we can take pictures and submit them for the Roanoke Farmer's Market and to fairs and festivals around the area. We've been invited to participate in one about an hour from here in October. It's exciting!

Be back later with pics. Love you!


Janet said...

I have always liked your blog and I did notice you made an abrupt change last year....but it was a good change for you. I think blogging puts us out there in the public so much that sometimes we do need a little private time. Your creativity is so real and so full of life and love, and you seem to inspire me every time I come here. It does take time to read all the blogs and I do my best to get around to everyone but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. But I will never stop visiting your blog.

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa,
Arn't blogs amazing in some ways. You can visit one and come away feeling like you know a person a little more. Reading yours is like sitting on a front porch swing and sharing stories with a best girlfriend.. It feels natural!
Peace n hugs, Kai xx

GreenishLady said...

I'm so glad for the journey you've made over that year. I'm not sure when I first found you, or whether I've been around all through that year, but I'm certainly glad to be one of your readers these days, and to witness all your adventures. Good luck with the next stage!

Pam Aries said...

You have transformed my Dear! Blossomed! I agree with Janet...You have been an inspiration in every way! I remember when you changed your blogography!

Kitty Couture said...

I'm still reading Lisa, whenever I get a chance... which is not often, this year. Commenting has been even more challenging. But I'm still thinking of you as a soul sister (and a sister soul :) )

Heather said...

What an awesome post Lisa! Thank you for sharing some of your strength with us!

Monique Kleinhans said...

It is amazing to walk back through our own thoughts and actions/decisions from even as soon as a year ago...And it is a gift to share that time with others knowing that people care about your thoughts as well as reading other's thoughts that inspire, or drive us toward where we need to be. Blogging is a wondrous thing indeed! And even though I've not been with you as long as this past journey, I'm thrilled to have found your blog and certainly enjoy reading and seeing the beautiful things you are up to.