Thursday, February 07, 2008

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud. Enjoy!


Pam Aries said...

Hilarious! I saw a bit of that show whilst I was watching Oprah(during commercials!)

Kate Robertson said...

Too funny.


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks Lisa for the Prayers
for my Son. They think it is
the inherited type and my dd
needs to be checked also.

Have a Blessed Happy Fun
Creative Healthy Year!!!

KaiBlue said...

Ok Lisa, you get the silliest post of the week award.. lol..
it's hilarious!!
Peace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

When we get new speakers I'll listen to the video. I can't hear anything.

Have a Blessed Year!!!


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL I LOVE ELLEN! The ONE bad thing about living in Savannah. NO Ellen. :(( They had her on for awhile but then they must not of gotten enough people here to watch. Thanks for posting this...because I don't get to watch Ellen that was a TREAT! I even drew Ellen on my art doll. Ya know the one that your suppost to use to draw figures....I drew blonde hair, eyes, a nose and a mouth. I also drew ELLEN on her in big letters. People always say that my sister looks like her. Anyway, THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I LOVE ELLEN!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - that is too funny!
Thanks for the laugh, Lisa~xo

Anonymous said...

YOU and ELLEN just made my day...My face hurts from laughing so much!!

Monique Kleinhans said...


I laughed so hard I snorted!

Thanks for sharing!

Gypsy said...

That was JUST what I needed to start my day....I want to order one for my boss! LOL! He is always talking about his fitness machines, and that might give him a run for his money! ROTFL!

altermyworld said...

oh shit man was that funny i was giggling like a crazy girl