Thursday, January 10, 2008


Good Morning! Above is a pic of Patrick just before he left for work. It's drizzling out there today. I know he would have loved to just stay in. Isn't he a cutie?

I've been up since 6am, which is not unusual, but what is unusual is that I was able to get started right in on a project and got lots of work done on it. There are pictures below.
This photo was taken from where I'm typing. It was around 6pm last night. Isn't that sky gorgeous?
This is a piece of muslin. I took this pic last night while it was drying. I used paints, stamps and oil pastels on it. My thought at the time was that I would make a doll. I made several attempts at sketching one and sewing but never loved a single one.
This morning I was staring at it, trying to be open to ideas. I held up one of my stitcheries to it and was thinking about sewing it onto it. Then I thought, why not just stitch directly onto it? So, I drew one of my little funky folk guys on the fabric and started stitching him.
I'm loving him. Then I filled him in with some acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. He's been all heat set. I colored in his clothing with crayons and ran my mini-iron over it and then I turned the whole thing over and put a piece of cloth over it and ironed the whole thing for two minutes.

Now I just have to let him make up his mind what he wants me to do next.

Speaking of heat setting, I watched the greatest, funniest video last night. Ricë Freeman-Zachary , whose most recent book is Living The Creative Life with interviews with artists, like our beloved Violette, has some really informative videos on YouTube. She is also a riot and makes me laugh my head off. Because of her video on 3 stitches that anyone can do, I finally made a french knot today! Yay!

I'm putting her video here because we can all use good info and a good giggle.

Have an awesome day!


Sophie said...

Wow, she's just bursting with energy isn't she? Made me laugh.

You're little dude on muslin is cute. Maybe he'll tell you his story soon...

You've been tagged on my blog if you want to play.


Kathie said...

I love your colourful funky fella, so original!

Btw, I love your Spirit Dolls, especially "Like You Self" : )