Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lotsa Love

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I got this a couple of days ago from our sweet Dotee. I love them both. The colors are wonderful and look so great in my craft space.

Dotee is so special and I am always so happy to receive anything from her very generous heart and hands.

Card from Pam

I also received this really great postcard art from Pam-a-la-la-la! She sent it out of the blue and made me happy out of the blue. :)

It also is a great green/blue combo and looks awesome on my craft desk!

I am so blessed to have such generous and thoughtful friends. I am impressed by their follow-through because I am forever thinking I want to send things to you, my sweet friends, and then the days pass and I still have not done it.

Thank you for all your kind comments and awesome advice on my home decor! I was getting bogged down in trying to label it. Once I read your comments, I walked around and instead of thinking "is this prim? is this shabby? is this cottage? what IS it?", I thought "do I love these things?" and you know what? I DO! Suddenly it all looked magical to me and I am so happy with my surroundings again. I, of course, want to add more things and I will forever be changing things, but I won't stress. I'll just enjoy. Thanks so much. I love the way you all basically said the same thing. :)

I am trying to make my little craft area a little more efficient. I have been really inspired by pictures of other people's studios on flickr. In the process, of course, I get to redecorate and that's always fun.

I better get back to it before I lose my momentum! Love to you all. You are just the best.


Anonymous said...

That froggy picture is gorgeous. What lovely things to receive :)

KaiBlue said...

dotee rocks, her art is amazing..
and thankyou for sharing the pictures Lisa..
They are lovely,
PEace, Kai.

Kelli said...

Blues and greens work so well together. It's fun to experiement with colour. Cute postcard! :)

Tinker said...

Beautiful! I especially love that froggy one.
I do the same thing, keep thinking of things I want to make and send, then get sidetracked before I finish 'em - but one of these days I'll actually get them finished and sent.
I'm glad you're enjoying such abundance! xo

gma said...

Wow...wonderful art
from out of the blue
to special froggie you!

PennyBlue said...

These things are all so wonderful. Lucky you! And I'm glad that you realized your decorating style is all about YOU!

Dot said...

I ADORE the frog from Pam - it is so gorgeous, and so you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful style! The colors are the whimiscal feeling. Hello Mr Prince charming!