Monday, January 15, 2007

Homespun Angels

This is how I spent most of my day. Pretty fun. :) It's in the shop. I'm trying to put something in every day or so.

I don't guess I told you guys that Caleb (my stepson) moved out. He got his own apartment. He's working, has a nice girlfriend and seems to be doing ok. He came to visit the other night and he looks really good. Give him a good thought now and then, ok? :)

I spent part of last evening helping Michael move into Caleb's old room. Mike's very excited about it. He took his bed apart and we carried it down and then he reassembled it.

For the first time in years, the boys have their own rooms here. They've always had their own rooms at their dad's.

Tim's been clearing stuff out of the basement. Now that we have the shed, it's possible! Yay. Things are starting to shape up around here and I'm having fun decorating more now that I've settled on prim. It really is what makes me feel at home and comfy and cozy. I think Tim likes it pretty well, too. Lots of plaids. That works for a man. :)

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I've not been commenting much but I'm trying to visit. I kind of hop on for a few and then back off to do more stitching or laundry or whatever needs done. I always think I'll either craft or blog at night and by nine I'm just falling over. It's a little aggravating. lol What happened to the me who used to stay up until 2? Oh well. I will never complain about being able to sleep! I do sleep well almost all of the time.

Ok....see you guys later. :) Thanks for the copying advice, too, by the way and all the nice comments. Much love to you.


Hulda said...

Hi Lisa! I like your homespun angels. I bet it was fun making them too. Stitchery is a lot of fun. :o)

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' your prim stuff! Hey....'member when you made those felt snow men? Are you selling those??/ huh?

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you creating the way you are and that you've truly found a style you've embraced. This gives me big ideas for an "out of the blue" for you. wink wink.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to create beautiful things and then having people show such appreciation by purchasing them for their own homes or as gifts to loved ones. Is the shop a new venture?

All the best with rearranging rooms at home. It must feel different not having Caleb at home now. Its interesting, the phases of life we pass through.

Thank you so much too for your warm welcome back to the blogging neighbourhood. It’s nice to be back…no, it’s actually great to be back!


Lisa said...

Hulda, thanks. It was fun making them. :)

Pam, thanks so much! I do remember the felt snow man. I only made one, though. hmmmm maybe I should try selling them. So far I haven't sold anything. lol (except for the bookmark sweet Sarah bought last summer).

Lisa ooooooh yay! (giggle)

Kelleigh It does feel different and I can't really say I'm sorry he's gone but I do wish him well. The Etsy shop has been a half-hearted venture for a while and I had sold only one thing (Sarah bought a bookmark), but I have decided to start adding things, hopefully one a day, and to be a bit more forward with it.

I'm really glad you're back. You were missed!

Anonymous said...

It is good that you've found your style - to know what one likes and to do it unapologetically is a huge thing.

I was going to ask how your shop was doing - mine is much similar - maybe I should do as you.

Kitty Couture said...

Your new stitchery looks lovely, Lisa! (I wish we could get a slightly better view, though - how nosy am I, eh? ;o) ). I'm glad to see your Blogger problem is sorted. Love to you too! :)

I was considering having a shop on Etsy... Is it complicated? If you could email me back on this when you find the time and inclination to do so... No rush at all :)

Have a lovely day :)

Lisa said...

Me I can be so fickle about color and decorating. My favorites seem to be at odds with each other. White/black, light/dark. But it feels good to go with one. lol

Isabelle, the pic is very blurry but if you click on it and then go to all sizes (on flickr, above the photo) then you can see it up close and personal. Although, still blurry. :(

I will be emailing you shortly.

Anonymous said...

They are lovely! It always nice to see what you come up with :-)

I'm sending lots of good thoughts to Caleb! Sounds like he's having a good time right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I love this. I want to make one! I bought one of those little kits. you are inspiring me. this looks so relaxing to do and it's so cute! I love angels too. talk again soon. -xo lia

Anonymous said...

Hi Froggy...your prim art is really sweet. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

I love your angels. Glad things are going well at home, and you're having fun decorating & settling the boys into their own rooms. I know what you mean, I always have good intentions about those evening creative hours, but fizzle out - used to burn the midnight oil, so much better than I do now.
Hope your week continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

LIsa the homespun angels are great...and I too love plaids. I am into more of a masculine style of decorating...leathers, denim, plaids and earthtones. I am more at home iu an androgynous-type room than I am in a frilly one! But I like prim too....girls! We are entitled to our moods! :)
Thanks for your comment about my collage....I am attempting another tonight.
Yes, if you are having fun that is all that matters!
I like you have trouble blogging in between laundry etc...but I somehow manage to squeeze it in!

Anonymous said...

Lisa - I love your angels. You really are a whiz with fabric. I always find inspiration here!

It will be great for the boy's to have their own rooms now. More space for them.

Sounds like you are enjoying decorating your home and making it comfy and cozy. I know that your home would be very welcoming.

Am sure as soon as some one steps over your door they feel instantly at home.

I know I would :)

Much love to you sweetiepie!