Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Originally uploaded by GroggyFroggy.
I knew I wanted a blue/green background so I started with that. I randomly tore a page from some children's music and the line said "Please, oh please won't you help me? For I am caught as you can see."
Then I went to Flickr for images and from there it made itself.


Anonymous said...

Mornin' lisa! I love it when art just falls together like that! I like the theme and the colors! ...Hey..When do ya wanna get together? We could get Judi and Judie and ninnie too! WE ARE the Southeastern division of GPS!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

A symbolic nest with a fine little chick a dee born! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

like moses in his basket :) Lovely picture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa, I love it! Love the prose you put with it, too...just right!

Anonymous said...

well chickadee, thats a pretty piece of Ocean coloured reverence to greet these tired eyes of mine!
PEace, Kai.

Julie H said...

Verrrry nice! What a wonderful background. So lovely to popove rto your blog and see so much art.