Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Seeker

The Seeker
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Yesterday I was the happy recipient of two overflowing packages. One was from Kai, who was my secret Santa. She really outdid herself but I can't show you until we've all received our ornaments.

The other wonderful, marvelous package was from Me. She sent it "just because." That amazes me.

She made this beautiful paper and did the transfer. It is called the Seeker. Isn't it wonderful?
This tag accompanied the package.
Bead bugs
These "bugs" were in a little box that said "Caution: live butterflies. Open immediately." I opened the box very carefully to find these little cuties. lol When I told "Me" about it, she said she hadn't even thought about that. She chose the box for its size. That made it even better. lol
Look at this gorgeous purse. She made it from a vintage dishtowel or tea towel. It has a long chain handle and I just love it.

Thank you, Me, for everything. It was very much appreciated.
Thank you also Kai and I will take pictures when allowed. Oh, other than the ornament, I have been given strict orders not to open the rest of Kai's package until Christmas. I am being very good.

We put the Christmas tree up last night. I couldn't believe how much cheaper a tree was this year. The boys are just like me. We stopped, looked at two trees and were back in the truck within 5 minutes. They had it in the house and unnetted and ready to go before I could even think of what needed done next. They are growing up so fast. Michael and I did much of the decorating. We seem to be the two kids who enjoy it most. :)

The Tree
It's directly in front of the window and it's very bright outside so it's hard to get a good pic but you get the idea. It's. a. Christmas. Tree.

As is our custom, we boiled apple juice with some orange slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves. It smelled so heavenly while we decorated the tree and even still at bedtime.

Apple Cider
This is what is left of the cider. I put it in a spaghetti sauce jar and tied a ribbon around it. The ribbon was wrapped around a bundle of fat quarters I bought last week. It perfectly matches a candle I have. It all sits together, at the moment, on a glass tray on the bar.

Before Thanksgiving, Michael took my fake pears and twig pumpkins and put them in this tray and in the hurricane and I loved it. So now I will use it to decorate each season. Thanks for the idea Michael.

Christmas Landscape
I put some of our pearl garland in with my rose petals and grabbed this Christmas tree candle (from the kids' preschool years) and stuck it in the middle. I love it with the star candle (a yard sale find) looking on from behind.

Jar Lamp
I've been seeing these jar lamps on some of my favorite blogs since back in the spring. Last night I finally made myself one. I really like it.

Tim put lights on the bottom of the cabinets yesterday. They look really great and it will be much easier to cook (I think I remember how) with lots of light. get a stove. LOL

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. I'm taking things really slowly and trying to enjoy this time. Nick and I were talking about presents and he pretty much just wants money. I told him that people feel that it's very impersonal to give money. He said that "we're good" and money is fine with him. lol We came to the conclusion that we're very close all year long and there's no need to prove it on Christmas day. Gotta love his practical side. :)

I think I'll go play some more. Have a great day all.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you like them all...

Love the amber color of the cider...sounds as if your 'men' keep your life full and busy.

BTW I rather like the backlight in your photo of the tree gives it a rather mystical magical feel!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh what great things to receive, how pretty, like hugs in the post :) I love your little decorations and artistic touches too. I like that jar lamp (adds to mental back-catalogue for later inspection and possible implementation), what a great idea :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting the "Christmas spirit"

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The glass reflections, and pearls, and the other treasures you have received and gathered here, are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gifts, Lisa - I love the idea of the 'live' butterflies! They're gorgeous.
We had spiced cider tonight, too - and boy, does it ever taste and smell delicious!

Anonymous said...

So many pretty gifts and decorations! I just love pretty things.... that "girly" side of me!

I really like that candle/mason jar lamp dealie hoo ha. I will have to try that myself soon!

Oh, and by the way -- my day full of sitting around eating bon bons and the "MEN" working their magic somehow transformed my messy bedroom into a clean one. New bed and everything!


Cherish the Home said...

All your touches are just perfect Lisa! And the tree is beautiful. (o:

Anonymous said...

This post left me feeling warm and comforted. And with a mellow loving feeling.

The package from 'me' was such a beautiful surprise! I love everything she has made for you.
A very clever, talented and thoughtful lady (much like yourself).

Your Chrismas tree is beautiful Lisa. I smiled at the story about you and the boys buying it. I am like that. See what I want and buy it. It looks like it is a beautiful shape too.

All of your Christmas decorating looks so warm and inviting. And the jar candle is a wonderful idea!!

I have this beautiful feeling about your home. I just know it is a haven. And as I walked through your doors I would feel the love and light.

Bless yhour loving heart.

Dotee xooxo