Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just checking in.

I was hoping to have a picture of something accomplished today but I don't. Because I didn't accomplish anything.

I don't want to be all mopey on Groggy Froggy but I wanted to check in. Thank each of you who has continued to leave sweet comments and send the most loving emails to let me know you care. I appreciate it more than I can ever tell you.

Nothing horrible is happening or anything. I just feel blah and I cry at the drop of a hat and yesterday developed a headache that won't go away. Well, it goes away and comes back with a vengeance. I haven't done any sewing or drawing or painting or anything. I did get a good bit of cleaning and laundry done yesterday. I was determined. But today I have pretty much just moped around.

I know it will pass, although my confidence in this fact is being stretched.

I went to the quietness of my church sanctuary today and just sat. I sat and looked at the window of the Transfiguration and focused on Jesus and talked to him a bit. It helped, but then I had to shlep past the secretary with raccoon eyes. lol Oh well. It was in the same sanctuary that I told God, a few years back, what he already knew..that my children belong to him and that I hadn't a clue what I was doing and would he please, please guide them. I was reminded of that today and reminded of how much they've grown in wisdom and character since that time and how much easier it's been to mother them since surrendering my hold on them. They are not mine. They never were. But, I love them so much my heart feels it will burst at times. I am grateful for this gift of sharing life with them.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I'm truly ok. Nothing really bad is happening. There are no big issues. I just feel sad and kind of wrung out. I'm not sure why. Please know that your comments and emails have made me smile and made me feel loved and cared for. I can't stress that enough. I don't take them lightly.

Much love to you all.


Delta said...

I think this is serendipity. I've been feeling awful all week and sort of self-pitying because of it. Then I posted yesterday about the coast and really dragged myself down, until I saw your sweet comment on the post. My first thought was how positive it sounded and what a great outlook that I had completely ignored, so I scurried on over here to tell you thank you for brightening my mood, only to find you down!

So, for November 15, 2006 rest assured that you DID accomplish something, whether you set out to or not. You made a connection with a total stranger on the internet and cheered me up. And the fact that the Kiln was the town you mentioned, out of a slew of other little towns it could have been, must have meant something in the grand scheme of things. Nothing is ever by chance.

Amy said...

I go through times like this too when I just feel kind of weepy and down, and don't feel like doing *anything*. I know now that it always passes eventually, but while I'm there it's pretty hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's kind of a relief to know that someone else feels like this too sometimes.

I just love what you had to say about your children here and it's right on.

Anonymous said...

oh Lisa I am glad you voiced this, sometimes it helps to release it out there. I have felt this way many times and often felt I'd just never feel happy again. I really believe there is a wave that rolls in and around that affects us many of us....others are talking about strange days, and odd vibes etc right now too. I think it's wise to roll with the wave, let yourself feel it and go through it and then suddenly it will ebb. I think of you every day and I am sending you many hugs and a wave of the wand of bright calming light!
I adore how you spoke of your children.

Julie H said...

Lisa, I popped over here to thank you for your encouragement in my bad week!!!

Lisa you have encourage me. And now that my spirits have lifted (and the physical stuff is almost completely gone) I want to thank you. I smile every time I see your name in my comment bank - and that is before I see the comment.


(Angie) Norththreads: said...

I totally understand. Sometimes some fresh air and alot of prayer gives me a new perspective on life , and Im a real procrastinator so I need to be pretty much pushed off the cliff to get busy! Give yourself a break -YOU deserve it!
~hugs to you~

~Nancy~ said...

Hang in there.
I think we all have our blue days. For me, I find that if I make myself be busy, as you did with housework, it helps me get over the hump.
Just know we care and will hold you hand just as you would hold ours if the need arises.

Kali said...

Hi Lisa ~ It's been a long time since I've visited...been very busy. I've appreciated your visits and comments on my blog! You're right, this too shall pass...surround yourself with things you love and be kind and gentle to yourself. Thinking of you..take care & a special hug from me! Kali xo

Anonymous said...

Hugely big HUGS to Lisa.

For me it's the time of year...I get all nostalgic, which is usually nice...unless I am beset by hormones (which I have been this week). But onward and upward as my Nan would

I'm glad you found some peace in your sanctuary at times like this I love to read the famous footprints you know it?

Anonymous said...

here I am ! the QUEEN of the blues - I will wave my magick wand and blow those blues away. I have been thinking, praying and sending healing for you - xox
it is ok to have blue days - they make us realize how special the pink ones are - much love to you miss Froggy xox

Kitty Couture said...

Hugs and smiles from Paris!

melba said...

That happens to me too. Everything will be fine...just going along and then I will hit a crying spell. Maybe it is the way our bodies just need a release.

I am sending loving energy your way.


Anonymous said...

You have friends all over the place that care about you...

Beth said...

Hi Lisa,

I am so glad you dropped by my blog. I sure can relate to how you have been feeling lately. I have been the same way. I come home from work and do not want to do anything except lay around and be a bit mopey. I go to bed to early, and haven't been sleeping good. I think I am just trying to adjust to winterish weather, I don't know. I think we will snap out of it soon. I will keep checking in!

Dot said...

Hello sweet Lisa

I am sorry I missed this post yesterday. You have been very much on my mind all week.

You are such a beautiful soul, and I notice you spreading light and love all round this community. Even when you are feeling down.

These feelings will pass. You will be ok.

I love you and am here for you.

Sending a gentle hug across the waves.

Your friend

Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think we all find outselves in that spot sometimes. Your words moved me. When I'm feeling that way, I go to the cathedral, light a candle, and just sit there. It can be very comforting.


Lisa said...

Delta, thank you so much for telling me this. Life is really funny sometimes, isn't it?

Amy, it is hard to see the end sometimes and doesn't it seem like the people you live with should be able to see it and be easier to live with? lol

Lisa I appreciate your hugs a whole bunch and your constant, unwavering support. So glad we met.

Julie, this comment made my day. :) I am so glad you're feeling better. I'm feeling better too.

Angela, I had to laugh when you said you practically had to be pushed off a cliff to get busy. lol Boy, once you get started though, look at ya. Everything you make is always gorgeous.

Nancourt, It does help to get busy plus I feel better moping if the house is clean. lol I love the image of you guys holding my hand. :)

Kali, so good to hear from you. You have been busy and I imagine you out having a wonderful time in your garden. I love Spring, too.

Sarah, I do know that poem. It's a good one. Thanks for the big hugs. :)

Robyn, lol is your wand pink? Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. I definitely feel the cloud is rolling away.

Isabelle, how could anyone stay sad with hugs from Paris? :) (Oh, that nephew of adorable).

Melba, thank you so much. Hey, your glam shots made me smile. That was such a fun post.

Sombra, I am definitely blessed and so grateful.

Beth, maybe that is it...adjusting. That would completely make sense. I'm starting to snap out of it, hope you do soon, too. I'm so glad you came over to my blog and I'll definitely be back to yours.

Dotee, I don't know how to even thank you for this comment. You are a very special person and I love you right back. I appreciate your thoughts and kindnesses.

Colette, I think we do, too and sometimes it's really comforting to hear that others go through things or have. I always draw strength from your can-do attitude. Makes me want to just dust myself off and get on with the business of living. I'm glad to hear that we share this specific way of healing.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you are not alone...I have had so many worries lately with my 16 yr old son. I blame myself, cry, & most of all pray. My husband & I were talking about this little quote recently ~ "This too shall pass" ~ sometimes it helps to remember when the going gets tough. Please cheer up and know you have many friends here in blogland!

altermyworld said...

I don't know what it is but a lot of sadness and blahs going around, take care, drink some tea, hide under the covers with a good book, nurture you,
love hugs to you