Monday, October 30, 2006


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I felt like organizing and rearranging today. My craft area needed it the most and I had such a nice relaxing afternoon in there. I have found a great internet radio station if you like "muzak." is where you'll find it. With the candles lit, the house clean and this music playing, I feel like I'm walking through one of those cozy little shops that sell pretty seasonal things. :) It's very nice background music; very soothing. Sorting through buttons and beads to this music has to be equal to a bunch of expensive therapy. It's almost like prayer. Maybe it is prayer.

Ok, so back to organizing. I started out this space by putting everything in jars because I thought it would look cool, like I'd seen in other craft space pictures, but I had a terrible time getting to things when I needed them. I also tend to drift with things. If I'm sewing, I might carry something into the bedroom to bead or embroider. Running back and forth to grab the right jars got a little tiresome. So I dumped all the beads into that lovely Victorian tin. Now I can just pick it up and take it with me. I took all the thread out of jars and put it in this handy little wooden box and it's right where I can get my hands on it beside the sewing machine...and the extra bobbins are in there, too.

I still have my seed beads in that little clear acrylic thing by the lamp. I've had that since high school. I think I got it for selling a certain amount of candy for choir or something. It has little birds and a heart on the lid. I've always loved it.

I made myself throw some things away and some things I just put in the general area of the next section that needs organized. My paper for collage is taking over so that needs worked on and I need to sort out my sewing basket and embroidery thread and needles. My needlebook isn't very handy. I think I need to make a better one. Oh yeah...and fabric. I've been storing my fabric in a bag (the one I bought from Deb) which was great when I wasn't actually using it that often and didn't have as much of it but now it's getting out of control. I need to sort it and stack it somehow.

Since last March, I've gone from a tin to a basket to a stack of picnic baskets to a bookshelf to a desk and now I'm branching out into the rest of the room in which the desk resides. I bet there's a name for this. Craft Kudzu or something. Artdzu.

I'm going to just post some random pictures I took after I got the desk arranged the way I wanted it. (It took me two hours, believe it or not) but before I do, I want to point out the ATCs on the desk. I was inspired by someone else who received one of Dot's atcs to display them in a special way. Dot's is on the candlestick in front of my nest collage. Colette's is resting on top of the collage under the wreath and there are three others who, for now, are propped up against the desk drawers on top of the roll-top. They are Daisy's Wizard of Oz, Dot's courage and Gemma's Cabaret and I am so happy to have them all. I plan to find a way to display the others in a more prominent way but for now they are right there to make me smile every time I look up from the sewing machine.

Top of desk

Been reorganizing

Colette's atc

Dot's atc

Craft space


Hulda said...

Hi Lisa! It looks really good at your craft table. It is always nice to tidy up a bit, and reorganize. I love to do that too. :) I like your storage things.

A bird in the hand said...
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A bird in the hand said...

(I made and embarrassing typo so I deleted my previous comment. Here it is again.)

Um, could you come over and do the same for me????

What a lovely spot you've created! How sweet to the see the postcards peeking out of the white vase. and... I see a SEWING MACHINE!!!

Amy said...

My crafting area is way overdue for a clean up and organising!! You did a great job :)

Anonymous said...

Artdzu! That cracks me up...yep! I've had that infestation going on for awhile now - not sure how to eradicate it (nor all that certain that I want to - well, not completely!)


gma said...

Its so wonderful when you can clean and organize listen to music and have a spiritual experience doing it. I connect that way sometimes too...maybe its hanging laundry outside (even though I have a dryer)I enjoy it and feel connected to spirit doing that!
BTW your workspace is lovely!

One Crabapple said...

Just loved reading about your organizing to the music and almost felt like I could see you / feel what you meant.

I am in envy that you are ORGANIZED

Loved seeing your little things and the way you have them displayed. I like how you put the ATC on that stand
that way.

Your kitty cat is adorable too !
(post below this one)

Geez INSPIRING entry !!!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

ah the art of definitely can be very zen to sit and sort and put things in more convenient containers, creating displays....listening to music. It all looks so neat and tidy. Every time I do that in my studio it lasts about 5 minutes and then it's chaos again. I need to tidy up though and get my and others art on display as well. So much to do never enough time.

Miss Robyn said...

dear miss froggy - thankyou so much for the love and care that you have sent me over the past few weeks. I am wishing you a Happy Halloween & sending some Beltane bliss from my side of the world xo

Kitty Couture said...

Oh Lisa, those pictures breathe serenity. I just wish I could jump into one of them and chat with you, and sit at that desk and get sewing :)

J C said...

Nice workspace. You are so lucky to have that and you have organized so well. Miss Frog, I LOVE your Peace quiltie that you posted last Sunday. It is absolutely wonderful! I bet your own loving, seeking spirit inspired that. And I hope you have made peace with yourself in your worries about taking care of your (extended) family. Your loving care will all come back to you some day, and you will look back and feel good about it then because what goes around comes around, and I firmly believe that! Think positive when you have to care for and assist. You are doing a wonderful thing, and you will only endear yourself even more to your mate.

Have you noticed the beauty all around you? I was looking at that pic you posted of your hunnybunny leaving on his bike. Look at the road disappearing into those beautiful trees. Fall colors there? Betcha if you get your paintbrush out you could end up with a wonderful painting. Take care glittery froggywoggy.

Melissa said...

What fun. I love organizing. I just wish I was more successful. I take that back - I am - but is a matter of learning and readjusting. Once I've figured out what works it really works. But things change and so some organizing methods need to change...but it can be frustrating to live with the chaos while you figure out what you need and what works for you.

Like knowing how you need your buttons. You went against the flow and it works for you!!

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, you did a great job. I have a problem with throwing away...after all, I might be able to use that sometime!

Lisa said...

Wow. I'm overwhelmed by all of these wonderful comments. Thank you everyone.

Dot said...

Lisa - your craft area looks beautiful! Am so glad it was a spiritual experience for you as well. Your photo's are lovely and it is so nice to have a peek inside your home.
The collage you made looks stunning up on your wall. And, I love how you have placed Colette's ATC on top of it. And mine on the candle holder - it makes me smile to see my art in different homes :) A big smile from the inside out.

Lots of love my friend

Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so peaceful and well organised. I love the new quilties by the way...feel inspired to do something similar!

Lisa said...

Dotee :) :) :)

Plainandsimple Oh I would love to see it if you do some little quilties. They are so much fun.