Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

These are my boys in their costumes. Mike is George Bush, but a little different. He couldn't resist the cigar and I have totally lost the name of who it was we thought he looked more like than our President. He propped some pillows up in the chair one night and put the mask at the top with a quilt over the lap and an army hat and had it facing the bathroom door so I'd see it first thing in the morning. He got me. :)
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Nick is Willy Wonka. He made his costume, basically. He used some of my acrylic paint to paint the goggles white. He's had them for a long time..just to wear...but painted them last week. He bought a hat that he thought was like Willy Wonka but realized it was the wrong color, too, so he turned it inside out and made a band for it out of the fabric he used....TO MAKE THE BLAZER! Yes, he made the blazer. Pattern? Nope. He didn't like anything he could buy so he had his dad take him to get fabric and he just made it. Isn't that amazing? It fits him so well. He won "best costume" at the Halloween party he attended Saturday night. Yay.


Melissa said...

He looks a bit like the guy from the History Channel (or Discovery Channel, I can't remember which) who does the military shows and has is 'mail call.'

But what do I know.

And yes, your son is amazing to make his blazer!! Wow...

Amy said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I am completely impressed with his resourcefulness in making the blazer himself! What a guy!! And I have to say I really like his long hair, it was pulled back the last pic I saw of him.

Lisa said...

Ohhhh Gunney. He does look like Gunney. I'll have to tell him. lol

Amy, Me too. I showed him how to sew when he was four or five and I was really into sewing house flags. He made one of those too when he was little. It was a salamander on a rock. We still have it. :) He is now a way better sew-er than I am. (that's not saying much...but he's really good lol)

Lisa He makes me want to try growing mine out again . lol His is prettier though. hehe

Dot said...

How cool are your sons!!

Love the photo of Nick, in his red blazer . How clever of him to make it. And, he deserved to win best costume!

Pam Aries said...

Yo Nick! He oughta be on Project Runway! That is great!.. your other son reminds me of some character on MASH! (OK yeah..Im old)

Lisa said...

Dotee Thanks! and thanks for your kind comments on my craft space. I love having your atc right there. When I'm working on something and look up it's right there for me to see. :)

Pam That's what I told Nick, too! lol He does like to watch it..don't tell. :) He has been, oh what do they call it now....repurposing his clothes for years. He sewed a giant Papa Smurf on to some jeans that he made into big leg jeans...I think that was his freshman or sophomore year of school. He always makes his own costumes for plays at school. I'm kinda proud of him. hehe I know you couldn't tell.

Sue Seibert said...

Good job. Hope they had a fun night!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your boys are so creative! You must be so proud of them. That's too funny, propping up the costume to surprise you (of course I would have shreiked if it had been me! But I would have laughed my head off afterwards).
The sewing? I'm blown away. No way could I make a blazer without a pattern (heck, I'm not too sure what it would look like if I tried it WITH a pattern! lol) And the hat, wow - Amazing!
Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Daisy Lupin said...

I din't recognise the mask as Bush at first, I thought it was Humphery Bogart! lol! silly me. I love Nick's costume, gosh he should go into theatrical costuming, as he seems a stickler for details. Brilliant costume. I love his hair.

Anonymous said...

I haven`t had time to turn on the computer for a couple of days & I see that I`ve got some catching up to do! (which is nice!) :-)

Wow, they both look amazing!

Happy Halloween Lisa!

Lisa said...

Sioux, thanks. :) They did.

Tinker, I couldn't have done it with or without a pattern. lol

Daisy, I know! It looks much more like a lot of different people than it looks like Bush. In fact, I think it looks like John Kerry more than it looks like Bush. I think Nick might really enjoy doing theatrical costuming. He's actually planning to go into cyber-genetics. After college he wants to attend graduate school in England where they have a really good program in it. This is the son who could name blood cells when he was three. I would read medical stuff to him at bedtime sometimes and his favorite thing to do was identify the cells. Ok...I've turned into one of those people. Next I'll be whipping out my wallet and showing you all the pictures.

Happy Halloween Elisbeth.:) I thought maybe you were just off enjoying all the things Kali sent you. lol I wouldn't blame you!

~Nancy~ said...

Wow, how cool are your kids?
I am like the others....I am very impressed he MADE his own coat! And without a pattern! I see a future here!
I think the other guy looks like George Clooney in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
What neat kids you have!

PennyBlue said...

Nick looks AWESOME!! And how talented is he!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that he made his own jacket. Wish I could do that. Sounds like they are very creative.