Monday, October 09, 2006


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I didn't do much to blog about this weekend. This little lady is pretty much the only creative thing I did. I was a sloth. I watched movies and gained weight.

The sermon on Sunday morning was wonderful; full of grace and new beginnings. I'm ever grateful for grace and new beginnings.

A friend I've known and loved for, gosh, 20 years now called my name as I was leaving church yesterday and said she had discovered a new Lisa. She had seen GroggyFroggy and was surprised that I paint and stuff. That felt really good. She is an incredibly talented artist. She is one of my favorite people in the whole world and has been for as long as I've known her. My teenagers, even my stepson who doesn't really like anyone, loves Carolyn. She's a very loving person and makes people feel like they're just the most awesome thing going.

I really am surrounded by some pretty special people. I'm so happy that of all the churches I could have ended up in, I entered Raleigh Court all those years ago because someone thought I should be in the choir. I stay for a number of different reasons; not just choir, not just friends, not just the Pastor, not just the warmth of the most loving congregation I've ever known, not just the freedom to explore God through unconventional and perhaps unsettling questions....but all of these reasons. Sometimes one reason may have more weight than another but always there is a reason to stay, to get up on Sunday morning when I'd rather sleep.

DANGER...WARNING...DANGER next post will probably be about the third chapter of True Balance, so for those of you who are offended that I'm reading and discussing it, there's your warning. I'll put it in the title so you don't have to even read the first sentence.

Have a great day everyone. The boys cleaned their room this weekend and I have a pile of laundry (clothes that we haven't seen in a year lol). That's what I'll be doing today...all day.


Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

slothing is good sometimes, it really isn't being a sloth actually, it's having quiet moments to just BE! those are as imperative as the other days. I am so glad your church fills you up the way it does...I can feel it in your post. How sweet of your friend to notice too.
Enjoy your day my friend!

Melissa said...

some happy peasant woman - that is what she looks like!! a good church is an incredible thing...a bad church erodes...I know...

Lisa said...

Lisa, I did enjoy myself just Being, I must say. I am going to have to do a lot of sweating to get rid of some of the "being" benefits. :)

Me, (hehe Lisa and me...feel like I'm talking to myself). Who's on third?

Tim thought she looked like a peasant woman as well before I even had her finished. Indeed, church can be like a marriage..a good one, heaven and a bad one, hell.

homespun living said...

I really like the lady you made and the captured heart piece ~ very creative! I agree, sometimes a weekend of sloth is necessary!

Hulda said...

It sounds great with your friend, fun that she had seen your blog! Someone at my job has seen mine too, and they are pretty amazed. :o) I have got an order from one of the women at my job. She want me to sew a table runner for her. I am working at it now. I hope she would be pleased with it.

Your little collage at your other post looks good, nice colours.

One Crabapple said...

"Ate movies and gained wieght.."

laughing !

love your experiment.

Glad the boys cleaned thier rooms!

Sounds like a GREAT weekend actually!

Love, S.

Julie H said...

Your church sounds lovely - what a blessing good friends are.

I have scheduled a total sloth day for Friday - they are so important. Glad you enjoyed.

Lisa said...

Debbie, thanks! I keep meaning to take a pic of my newly decorated dressing table. I did it with your corners in mind. :)

Hulda, it's neat that you have made some sales where you work! I saw some things you made on another blog (Ingrid's maybe?). They looked so nice.

Sandy, glad that made you laugh. lol and thanks for your kind and fun comments.

Melba, I have a number of concerned blogging friends.

Julie, ooh enjoy your sloth day!!

Annie Jeffries said...

Congratulations on the Corey auction win. And True Balance? Well, heck, I'm going have to go to google and find out what the book is all about. Sweet little doll, by the way.

Miss Robyn said...

I was wondering how I was going to post about my True Balance experience. It seems to be getting quite intense - the thoughts and emotions - as you know I am on the base chakra. So I will put warning in my heading too!
sometimes, our soul needs to be a sloth. it is at those times that our soul gets to whisper to us ;) xo blessings to you sweet Lisa and thankyou for each comment you leave on my blog!

Miss Robyn said...

oh a phooey to those who don't like True Balance - bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you have such a loving church. You deserve it, what with being so lovely an' all :o)

Pear tree cottage! said...

I just love slothing! when I can be home alone and hubby has gone to a meeting or two. I might sloth! tomorrow and watch a movie or two.

your dear doll has the very colours on her cape that bring the best out in me! :o) she is lovely.

being a friend and having friends is a very important part of our lives don't you think.

thank you for your kind comments on my blog I enjoy your visits very much.