Sunday, October 01, 2006


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I made this sleepy art doll last night and just finished sewing some additional beads on it a bit ago. Now that I have my pics on Flickr, here are the other collages I've been working on over the past few days.


This morning's sermon was about pleasure and joy and how much more we enjoy it when sharing it with others and about how we are the salt and when we share what we enjoy, especially Christ, we are being the salt. I was amazed at how this sermon seemed to tie in with my other thoughts and conversations this week. Life is really good right now. You ever just have those times when it feels like everything comes together, your physical life with your spiritual life? That it's all one big wonderful life? That's where I am at this moment in time and I'm loving it.


Debra said...

Lisa--your collages are so beautiful... and yes! I often feel the way you mentioned... as though everything is coming together--wonderfully. Isn't God good? :)Blessings, Debra

Miss Robyn said...

I swear - your work is getting better and better each day! the collages are great! you are letting yourself out girl :).
pleasure and joy = orange = sacral chakra = mixed media memoirs for this week :)

Lisa said...

Debra, thanks so much. God certainly is good, and you so wonderfully remind us of that all the time in your blog. :)

Robyn, Aw, thank you. What a compliment! I am letting go, aren't I? lol I have my MMM piece ready, just haven't photographed it. I drew it in bed last night right before I fell asleep.

Amy said...

I'm just amazed by your creativity and the amount of creating you accomplish. You go girl!!

Melissa said...

yes he is - I have reams of thoughts on that theme after my lovely weekend - the doll is a dreamer...very nice...perhaps my favorite doll thus far...

Dot said...

What a lovely post! Am so happy that you are feeling so good. And that everything is coming together for you. You art is certainly reflecting that! Love the art doll too (such lovely colors). She has a very serene look on her face.

Thanks for sharing your art with us!

Dotee x

Anonymous said...

I love the colors you've been using - and this latest little doll is such a cutie! Glad you're enjoying it so much - I think your joy is shining through your artwork!

Kitty Couture said...

Aww, you keep feeling that way, my friend, OK? That's a wonderful feeling!
Isn't it wonderful when a sermon speaks to us that much? I find there's almost always something that speaks very deeply to me during Mass. Sometimes it's a single, simple sentence, but it can make tears spring!

I love your new doll :)
Big hugs to you, and have a happy, "whole" week!

Lisa said...

Amy, thanks! I'm having so much fun with it.

Me, I'm glad you had such a great weekend and thanks! I'm glad you like the doll. :)

Dotee, thank you! I find myself reaching for the same paints over and over again. They just make me happy and I'm so glad you can feel my joy!

Tinker, wow..thanks so much. I'm so pleased that my joy is showing through my work...that means so much to me.

THank you Isabelle! Yes, it is wonderful when the sermon, as you said..even one line of it, just seems to plant itself. I guess the miracle is that it is happening for others sitting all around us in different ways from the same sermon.
Good to see you my friend. :)

PennyBlue said...

Great Post!! Great Art!!