Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thoughts, words and paint

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I painted this letter box today. I thrifted it a while back and have been using it. It's really handy to keep the bills in. It's the first thing you see when you walk in the back door (which is the one everyone uses) into the kitchen.

I painted it lots of different colors that make me happy. The top says "thoughts become things" and the middle says "choose the good ones." I love that. I read it on the TUT site. It's a phrase used a lot by Mike Dooley. At the bottom are some good thought words. letter boxOn the sides I stamped a sun and a dragonfly (coz that's what I had lol) and wrote more words...harmony, peace, love, joy, wonder and belief. These are all words I want to see and thoughts I want to be reminded of when I walk in the door of my home or walk out into the big wide world. I threw on some funky fibers, painted a glass pebble and stuck that on and just had a fine old time listening to my Native Spirit tape (yes, I said tape). No, i don't have an ipod. Yes, I have a cd player but I don't have that particular band on cd and I wanted to listen to them. k? k.

Have a wonderful night...or day, whichever the case may be. It's pretty late here but the house is quiet and I want to stay up and enjoy it. I tend to frolic when noone is here. *giggle*


Susan said...

You have really been doing some creative things lately! It's always fun to see what you're working on. Have a great weekend!

gma said...

Get my TUT messages every day too.
Always makes me smile...Hey I'm interested in the Native Spirit cd you that kind of stuff too.
Enjoy your weekend.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

ok I must ask and please forgive my ignorance here, what is TUT?
Now, having asked that I think it's wonderful to have something you did so lovingly to cheer you as you enter your home!
AND I would also like to know about the Native Spirit music you were listening to.

Lisa said...

Thanks Susan. You have a great weekend, too. :)

Gemma and Lisa Here's a clip of Native Spirit... which could definitely be on the recording I have. I think it's made up of different artists rather than being one single band. The one I have has Pueblo Surprise and Navajo Pride.

Lisa, I read about it in Violette's and signed up for the daily messages. It's pretty neat. I've always believed (well for a very long time) that our thoughts manifest one way or another and he reminds us to choose good thoughts. I think you'll like it.

J C said...

Nice letter box Mz. Froggy. How nice to have such creativity greet you every time you come into your home. And your son is very handsome. I bet he is already a heartbreaker at school! I have lots of tapes too. Can't seem to get rid of all that really, really great music. Have a creative weekend. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Judie! Yes, we have our share of girls calling the house. lol He's the problem-solver, listener, sympathizer. I love that about him.

I wasn't sure how my guy, Tim, would react to the letter box when he got home from work this morning, but he loved it. I keep forgetting that he's always liked bright colors and that I'm the one whose tastes are changing. lol