Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I was tagged by dear Kai to do this meme. There were no books within arm's length but there is a bookshelf in the dining room where the computer is, so I went (in the dark) and just pulled out a book without looking. How's that? lol

Here are the rules:
1. Grab the book closest to you...NO cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to 5th sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on blog-and name of book and author. Tag 3 people

The book is called A Handbook of Ancient History in Bible Light by Miller
...them in their drag; therefore they rejoice and are glad (Hab. 1:14, 15)
Her Conquests are Divine Judgements. Though God loathed the cruelty of the Babylonians He used them as instruments......

Well, there you have it. My shelves are full of things like this. I don't remember where it came from. Some I have picked up over the years, some belonged to Tim's dad and some I was lucky enough to be given when the Pastor of the church I attend cleaned out his office. lol He got rid of everything he had two of and I was the fortunate recipient. Aha! This one has Tim's name in it so I guess it's just..well..his. LOL

I made another doll. I'll try to have a pic later. Today is "date day." I think we're going to take a walk in the woods instead of shopping today. :) We sort of have all the stuff we need and end up just walking in circles bored, so today we'll walk in the fresh fall air.

Have a great day everyone.


KaiBlue said...

It's very interesting to see what things people read, thanks for sharing Ms Groggy froggy!!
Peace, Kai

Lisa said...

Thanks for tagging me. :)