Friday, September 29, 2006

Ms. Ivy

Ms. Ivy
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Here she is. Ms. Ivy and I have been very close friends over the past few days. I had so much fun creating her. She's a giant doll. Some of you may recognize this fabric. I used it to make an ironing board cover and also used it in my laundry day collage.

She took one full 20 oz bag of polyfil. Her face is hand-drawn and painted. Some things are glued on, some sewn. There is a bird's nest with eggs in it in one of her branches. Maybe you can see it when the photo is enlarged. I think I may put her in my shop. What do you think?

Me and Ms. Ivy Here she is sitting on my lap. lol


Anonymous said...

Oh, your Spiritdoll's are all so fun! Yes I think you should put them in your shop. I especially like their faces, they're so expressive.
Seeing them makes me wish I were handier at sewing (sigh). One of these days I might work up the courage to try one. Yours rock -
You go, girl!

A bird in the hand said...

Miss Ivy is absolutely wonderful. You've made my day!

Amy said...

Love the little ivy leaves by each eye! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun :)

Kitty Couture said...

She is so adorable!! Love the little nest detail :)
I'm sure you'd sell her well, but if you have to send her the packaging may prove a nightmare!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend :)

Lisa said...

Tinker, I am not that handy at sewing myself and my machine does one stitch...just a plain straight stitch. I marvel at people who can put together really complicated stuff. Thank you so much. I went ahead and listed her on etsy.

Collette, well you made my day right back. Thank you very much!!

hehe Amy, thanks! That was a sudden..."ooooh I could........". I had a ball.

Isabelle, I hadn't thought about packaging. I was thinking shipping wouldn't be too bad because she's not too, too heavy...but you're right! Oh dear..too late now. I already listed her. lol If I sell her, I don't think I'll care. I'll be too excited. :)

Vintage Wine said...

She`s adorable & I agree with tinker - you should put them in your shop. They`re fun, lovely coloured and most importantly, they`re personal! I love that about your creations!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

oh how grand and lovely she is!! I can feel your enthusiasm and joy all the way here!

Melissa said...


Been waiting for your post today - must have posted earlier but didn't refresh until now...

Many things to comment on - first I read your three articles and had to smile at the decorating one - I have loads and loads and loads of baskets - (and mirrors, and plants, and...) but I never gave much thought to picnic baskets...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Then as to the blogger meme - I have to smile at the relationship comments you've made - I agree completely - my blog is newish but I"ve been a forum addict for started out with poetry forums and I have a couple of long term friendships out of them, then photography forums and have a few dear friends from there - and now there is crafster...these are people who want to know about my life, my heart, what makes me tick - who are obviously interested in the same things as I am and who send little gifts to my girls cause they love them and who support me and listen to me no matter what. I think they round out my life in a way that was not possible before I connected with them through the internet. I have enough Christian friends who don't seem to understand the impulse in me to write and create and record...I miss the Christian aspect in my internet friends that said - I feel a new friendship coming on, perhaps.

And your doll - my photo friend from Scotland is on vacation but I will have to send her to your shop - she is an artist and would absolutely love your dolls...


Melissa said...

you should check this:

Lisa said...

Elisabeth, thank you. I put her there and time will tell. :)

Lisa, I am pretty excited. lol Thanks for noticing. :) and thanks for liking her. (I feel like Eeyore ROFL)

Me, I, too feel a friendship coming on. :)I LOVE my picnic baskets for papers, fabric or anything really. Craftster is really awesome. Craftster really opened me up to trying some new things which lead me to finding my wonderful blogging friends which lead to more creativity and more friends. I feel blessed. I hope your friend likes Ms. Ivy. I look forward to meeting her. I LOVE the essay site you recommended and that particular essay. Very interesting.

Hulda said...

wow, I didn't know she was so big until I saw her at your lap. It is really creative and artisticly done making the doll. :o)

Dot said...

Thanks for popping by my blog recently! I love Miss Ivy. She looks the perfect size to hug!
Lovely, gentle face too.

Now to take a peek at the rest of your blog!



Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

She lloks she could be a good friend to lean on!

Daisy Lupin said...

I didn't realise how big your spiritdoll was until the photo of her sitting on your lap lol! She is great, and has a wonderfully knowledgeable look on her face.

Lisa said...

Thanks Hulda.:)

Dotee, I'm so tickled you stopped by. I hope you'll come again. :)

TongueinCheekAntiques, I could easily get quite attached to Ms. Ivy.

Daisy, lol I wanted to put a big gap between pics so it would be a surprise. I thought making a huge one would be different if nothing else. lol

gma said...

A haiku for Miss Ivy:

Miss Ivy's sweet face
reflection of her psyche
she's a lovely doll

Lisa said...

Oh Gemma, thank you! That is so sweet. I love her haiku!!!