Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nesting Fever

I have been hauling out things that have been put away in drawers, boxes and closet and putting them up on the walls. Patrick likes to tease me about nesting as he makes little mama birdie nesting movements. He cracks me up.

Not sure about this area. Needs some straightening up.

It feels good to be getting the apartment fixed up. I do a little every weekend and every little bit counts.

Patrick's study/Guest room/Jace's room in the wee small hours of the morning.

This weekend, I got hit with a bug. Something from one of the little ones from school. So I'm not getting a whole lot done today. I did a little yesterday morning before the cold took over.

Kitchen fun with old tins and aprons.


I've taken a little break from art, getting my creativity fix through decorating. I'm kind of itching to sew and mod podge now, though, so hopefully there will be art in the near future. Or curtains! I really need to make some curtains, judging by these photos.

Sun shining on refrigerator jars in the dining room.

Have a great week. Hopefully I'll blog a little sooner next time.

Bedroom corner. Still a little empty. A cute desk with a sewing machine is called for , I think.

My Grandma's chest of drawers with milk glass and my prized candy dish that  Michael got for me when he was just little. The neighbors were throwing it out and he rescued it. Did he know me or what?



Sandi Holland said...

I hope you feel better today. Your floors are beautiful. I saw a program on TV where someone was collecting vintage aprons. They were so pretty.

judie said...

Hi Lisa! Have you moved? Looks different somehow. Did you do your Montessouri training yet? Sorry I haven't been around in so long. Been lazy. xoxo

The Blue Faerie said...

How big is your apartment? It looks like you've got a lot of space to work with already! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Sandi, thanks! Feeling a bit better today. Aprons are so fun.

Judie, we moved just about a year ago. The basement apt became unlivable. Mold took over and made us sick. This apartment is on the top floor, full of light and makes us happy. Miss seeing you more. I'm lazy, too. :)

Blue Faerie, it's pretty big! The biggest we've lived in since we've been together. It's kind of like a ranch house in the sky. haha It's really different trying to decorate with more space. I need more stuffs. :)