Sunday, October 02, 2011

Beautiful Fall Sunday

 Good morning! It's a beautiful day here.
As you can see from this photo! I was trying to get a pic of this sweet little guy. Looks like a tiny dragonfly. Patrick says it's a faery. :)

Just look at that blue sky and those clouds were flying by quickly.

I finished the painting and she is hanging in our bedroom.  Here are a few shots of her.

I have no plans today other than just relaxing and enjoying whatever comes.

Football is on the agenda, for sure.

Maybe some sewing.

Or crocheting.

Or stitching.

Or maybe just some organizing and decorating.

Or maybe I'll just eat and nap like I did all afternoon yesterday. 

Have a wonderful Sun Day!!


Julatti said...

Dragon flies are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos and art, All awesome! Glad you had a great relaxing day! :) Julie

mzkynd said...

Pretty pictures!!!! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie-Ann, I had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I hope you did and I hope you are having a wonderful week!

mzkynd, thank you!

Kathryn Costa said...

I hope your Sunday was relaxing after all. Mine was and it was a much needed break. I love how your painting adds color to the looks great!

It seems like far too long since my last visit here. Love what you've done with your blog design.

Have a lovely Monday!
{soul hugs}

Laura said...

I like your fairy friend Lisa...what every you chose to do today (or NOT do)...I hope it has continued to be a lovely Sunday.