Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Bit of Painting

 I got up this morning, made a pot of coffee and took the plastic off of a fresh canvas. I started putting down paint before I could think too much. I wasn't sure what I would do. Mostly, I just wanted to keep putting down layers and trying different things.
 I'm happy with the background. Now to finish the girl and, I think, do some collage. Probably a few words. This piece feels very peaceful to me.
A lovely mess.

This little guy could have something to do with all those peaceful feelings. :)

We've enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with Mike, Kasey and Jace.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Oh your all so cute, not just your painting! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie-ann!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, its so lovely to hear from you, I was nicely surprised today with you beautiful message, you gave me such a huge smile :-) Thank you so much!
Here's to a great week, infact an amazing week! Blessings!

Julatti said...

So great to find you! Sorry I changed my blog account. now at
Sorry for the changes!
Wouldn't wish to miss you and your beautiful blog!
:) Julie