Friday, July 01, 2011

Three Years Today

Patrick and I have been married for three years. 

Time sure marches right on.

When I got up this morning there was a pretty little box sitting on the altar.

Inside was this gorgeous goddess necklace.  A local man made it and I had admired it at the community market a month ago. Patrick took notice and surprised me with it this morning. I LOVE it!

And I love him.

                                                                 You didn't think I could post without a picture of Jace did you? :)
                                   And here's Grandpa Patrick feeding the little man.

My world is a lovely place.

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Traveler said...

Aaawww, how sweet! What a very thoughtful hubby and adorable Jace!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary! Jace is adorable. Your world is definitely a lovely place.

J C said...

Happy anniversary to you both, Ms. Froggy. I remember a few years ago how unhappy you were. Well, not exactly unhappy, but your spirit was lacking something. Then along came person! Wow, now you shine! xoxoxo

mzkynd said...

Wowzer what an awesome gift, that necklace is just gorgeous!!