Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love Shines Through You

This is what I did today. 

It's not completely finished. I want to give a little color to her cheeks but I can't find my watercolor pencils or my water soluble crayons anywhere. I'm sure I've put them somewhere convenient. Do you ever do that? :)

I promised I'd show you whatever I ended up doing. That really helped. A little bit of accountability goes a long way.

I hadn't done a transfer in a long time and am so pleased with the way this one turned out.

I used mod podge and a transparency and just put it on a scrap of cotton fabric. 

I'm happy with this and it feels good to use up some fabric. I'll probably list it on Etsy next week. I need to add a few finishing touches first.

Hope you had a productive weekend or a relaxing one, or both.


Everydaythings said...

that is just fabulous! wow love the way this turned out! I do like that beading below the pic v nice!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much!

Lovey said...


Healing Woman said...

Hi Lisa,

This is a great cloth piece. I like the sepia quality of her next to the more vibrant cloth.

See you soon on the market!

Warm wishes,

Lisa said...

Lovey, Thank you so much. You inspire me a lot!

Cheryl, Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you. It's been too long.

greekwitch said...

This is sooo cute! I love it.