Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cutting, Gluing, Painting and Recycling

This little box has been through so many makeovers.
I got it years ago at a yard sale or Goodwill. It's a cheesebox.
I've used it to hold ric rac and other trims, sewing supplies, junk and
now it holds ripped up paper circulars (am I dating myself?), those
papers with ads and coupons. I collaged, stenciled, painted and added stickers.


This is an old piece of foam board that had seen better days.
The cat, when he was small, liked to play with it. It's full of holes
but it doesn't matter because I just covered it all up with strips of
paper from that circular and then painted over the whole thing.

I painted a face on it but in the morning, I didn't
like it at all. Too dark and muddy. That's the great thing
about mixed media, though. I just grabbed some brighter
paint and started over. Then I collaged some more.

Then inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts I wrote some
beautiful words on it.

It makes me happy. I'm going to hang it above our bed.

I especially love it because I used up stuff I already had. I used
things that would ordinarily have to be tossed or recycled.


Carrie and Justin said...

Beautiful!! You inspire me. :)

Janet said...

Love the cheese box and the painting. They both look happy and cheerful. Isn't it great to be able to just paint over something you don't like! It would be great if we could do that for all kinds of things in life and make them disappear! Hate....paint over it. War....paint over it. Greed....paint over it. Think how pretty the world would be then.

Jess said...

How lovely! It's so much more satisfying somehow to make somethng special without having to buy anything isn't it? I do love mixed media, I must do more!xx

Lisa said...

Thanks Carrie! You inspire me all the time.

Janet, that is a beautiful thought.

Jessie, yes it is more satisfying, I think. Do more. Do more. :)

Pam Aries said...

I have t o agree with Janet..heh heh. Good to see you creating all over the place..I have been slack...

Kate Robertson said...

I looks like you have been having fun. Art really does make you feel great.

Libbie said...

Hey there...I was just thinking of you yesterday ...thinking that
i needed to visit your blog since
i hadn't for awhile
7 see how you are doing & you visited me tiday! Did you hear me thinking of you!? :)

Cute box! I love how you said you keep changing it! I am not good with change :) But I wish
I were! Love it!
it turned out very cute!

Ethan R said...

This was a llovely blog post