Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prim Fever Again

Today I went with Patrick to our newest client's store. I was taking pictures to use for their logos and web graphics. Oh my goodness! It completely restored my prim obsession.

The store is called Oh My Stars and is in Salem, VA.

If this were smell-o-blog, you would be in heaven right now. The candle that permeated the store was made by a local and was in, what looked like, a coffee can that had been grubbed up.

I didn't want to leave the store. Of course, I came home wanting to decorate in the prim style again. I was a good girl and did my work first, but all this evening I've been dragging out my prim stitcheries and such and redecorating.

Patrick saw it coming. While we were in the store I said, "You know I have to go home and redecorate now." He said, "I know." :D

Prim is the only kind of art and decorating that just comes naturally to me. I don't know what it is but I don't have to spend tons of time looking at everyone else's stuff to get it. (though I still spend tons of time looking at everyone else's stuff, just because it's fun!)

I've decided to embrace it. I changed my etsy shop back to prim and I'm going to be making some things to go in there. As I looked around Oh My Stars, I saw so many stitcheries that could have been "mine" and I realized it makes sense for me to make those things and sell them. Plus, I just love them. Especially this time of year when we desire a sense of coziness.

So, that explains the new blog background after I had just changed it. Like I said, I'm going to embrace it.

Yes, I have a hippy, new age, woo-woo side but there is something about primitive that just feels natural to me. So why not just go with it, right? It seems to be my nature to go "whole hog" once I like something. That's probably why I always get burnt out. ha!

I have a feeling I'm going to go to sleep tonight with visions of homespun in my head and it's going to be very difficult to make myself sit at the computer doing my work when I want to be making stuff and redecorating!


Pam Aries said...

I think the Universe def led you to this shop! haha! Don't you love it when you find your true blissful bliss! I love that you even changed your blog background. It isYOU!

Rue said...

Looking forward to seeing your creativity blossom! I like the new background - cute!

Carolina Gonzalez said...

Hehe the magick of Samhain! I love prim too - it's THE witchy stuff! Can't wait to see your stitching :).

Hilary said...

I LOVE prim. Just seeing those pictures makes me want to go redecorate.

I Play Outside The Box said...

I'd love to go shopping there!!

Janet said...

That store looks so pretty. No wonder you had the prim "bug" when you got home. I say surround yourself with things that make you happy whatever they are.

J C said...

Kewl stuff. I've been to Salem, and to Old Salem, where they were making bread in old stone ovens like the "old" days...for the tourists, of course. Such homey houses there, little white picket fences around tiny yards. I liked it.

Gen said...

I haven't been to salem in a while i need to check that place out thanks for posting!

Libbie said...

What a cool store! A candle in a coffee can does sound pretty cool & I just love even the name of the store!

I can't believe you have kids who are almost grown-you look so young! Pass me some of your beauty tips! I am in desperate need!

Thanks for reading my blog-That was the sweetest comment you left yesterday! I have been blogging for a little over a month & it just all AMAZES me! ALl the new friends all over the world, the thought that someone actually reads what I write, and that I get to peek into other peoples homes & lives! I love it all!

I read your comment to my hubby because I thought it was so sweet & he goes (with a grin) What do you guys just write back & forth all day "I love your blog-I love your blog-I love your blog." & I just said, "yes...& then we smile." He thinks it is a bit funny!

I still love those funky chickens of yur too! Hope you have a good day today! I will be back soon!