Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miracles Big and Small (are there any small miracles?)

I am loving the simpler look in our kitchen. Makes me smile every morning.

I reorganized all my craft stuff this week. This desk held all my sewing stuff. It is a sewing desk after all. But I find that I paint more than I sew and I was always having to dig my paints out. So I traded out. All the sewing stuff, including the machine, are in a huge cabinet. I'll show that later. And all my paints, brushes and collage materials are out in the open for when the mood strikes.

We picked our first little white eggplant this morning. We're not sure if it's time yet so this may be a sacrifical eggplant to teach us. ha! We've been getting peppers like this all summer. I love looking out the window and seeing all those peppers growing. The first couple were really sweet with just a hint of "hot" but the last few have even made Patrick wince a little. LOL

Aww isn't it cute?

Speaking of cute. I had to grab the camera last night when I saw this.

This has been an incredible week. I didn't say anything before but I was a little depressed over the last month. Not unhappy, mind you, but blue. I had lost touch with anything of a spiritual nature and didn't care. I randomly read a blog post this week and the author mentioned how she asks for miracles and then watched in amazement as they happened. I decided to ask for a miracle. I didn't care what kind. I watched for small things.

But I feel I was "led" to different areas for insight. I felt things stirring again. I meditated and asked for a better connection again. It happened. I feel so full of love and gratitude again. Everything looks different to me now.

I redid our altar. Oh, I meant to take a pic. It has the four elements represented through a sea shell for water, a bowl of salt and a rock for the earth, incense for air and candles for fire. Plus some other things that I just like.

I've been simplifying in the apartment and am loving the clean open spaces. It coincides with the open spaces taking place within. The cobwebs are gone. I feel connected and more connected with my friends.

I am so grateful to my glitter sisters. I tend to lose touch every now and again but they're always there and never judgmental about it. They are the truest friends and most amazing women I've ever known.

I appreciate those of you who return to this space and leave comments or even if you don't leave comments. (I know how that is). I know that this is not a consistent blog of one interest and you never know what a post is going to be about, yet you show up. Thank you.

It's been a wonderful week, full of surprises and delight.

Ask for a miracle. Amazingly enough, that's all it takes.



Brenda Pruitt said...

I find I have to have my "creative things" out surrounding me or I'll never use them. I'm so glad you've "found" yourself in a new place. Oftentimes we lose ourselves. And funny thing is, we turn up in the oddest places!

Annie said...

We all get down sometimes. So happy you are in the zone again :-). xoxo

Renee said...

Lisa, dear heart, I am happy that you are feeling better and seeing some light.

It is hard sometimes when we don't see the magic around us.

Love Renee xoxo

Shell said...

Sometimes life can be challenging. Glad your feeling better.

Janet said...

Sorry you were feeling blue for awhile but you'd never know it by this post....just beautiful. Ask for a true.

Your kitty is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. One of the reasons I like your blog is it is about different things might be family, friends, work or art. Love Hugs and Bessings

gma said...

Rereading Artist of the basic principals is opening ourselves to spiritual electricity.

J C said...

As you know, I'm one of those who visit frequently but don't always comment. Somehow, I knew you were a little blue. I should have sent hugs, but here they are now.((((Froggy))))) You are special, Ms. Lisa! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to just simplify things. Now don't get me wrong. I love to decorate but sometimes I can just move things around and feel like I've gotten new stuff.


cwa said...

You are right. No miracle is small. They are all gifts from God. I hope you have a very blessed week.