Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Home Business

I think this is clematis. It grows on the fence every year but this is the first year I didn't remove it. I had no idea what it was. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it this year.
There's a little bloom on this tomato plant. We're happy to see that!

Tiger lillies. I love them.

A little baby eggplant starting. I forget what kind it is but it isn't the purple/black kind. It will be white and I think stripey inside.

And my favorite of all, look at that cute little pepper. I've been admiring it for a couple of days now and watching it grow. It looks like there are a bunch of them getting ready to bloom.

Some day I envision growing all the vegetables and fruit we will need. For now, these make me feel very content.

The landlord came by today to get some things he had stored so I wrote the rent check and paid it almost a week early. Saved on postage. That's always good. Patrick had the presence of mind to ask him if we could paint and after a short discussion he said we can. Yay! No more brown ugly walls. He doesn't want me to paint the ceiling but that's ok. I may wait until fall because it's so humid. On the other hand, for the first time since we've lived here, I think we're going to break down and get an air conditioner. If that's the case, I can probably go ahead and paint.

I am enjoying the rhythm of working at home and starting to be able to incorporate home making into my day, rather than working and then washing all the dishes at once or taking a day to do laundry. Now that I seem to have a grip on the business and am learning to manage my time, I'm able to weave the business duties and the home pleasures all into a very satisfying life.

How I wish I had been more like this 20 years ago. My first born will be 20 years old tomorrrow. Unbelievable. I wish I had been a better home maker, a less selfish person and a more fun mom but I figure, at least, I'll be a heck of a grandma! (some day...far, far away in the future). :)


Coach Z said...

I think this is supposed to happen when we get older, Lisa... we become fun-ner and the little things make us happier than when we were young. I think you are fine the way that you were, the way you are now and the way you are becoming. Smiles your way!!!

Emma said...

Hi Lisa, long time no comment, though I do still read your blog regularly. Your last comment, about wishing that you'd been fun-er 20 years ago really spoke to me. I know that I am not even close to the type of mother I'd like to be, and the guilt of the less than perfect house, the cranky mornings and the slap dash dinners is a heavy burden. Then I have moments like this afternoon, where my 11 yo son came and hugged me and said 'Love you, Mum' for no reason, in front of the extended family. I must be getting something right!

I see a real peace and joy in your posts these days :)

GreenishLady said...

Ah, Lisa, 20 years ago, we were doing what we were able to do at the time, and now we are maybe doing things differently... that's life and growth. I'm glad you're enjoying what's happening in your life and your home now.

[... and not sure if I should burst your "clematis-bubble" but I think that looks like what we call bindweed. Personally, I like the flowers, but it is very invasive.]

Lisa said...

Thanks MarZel. :)

Emma It's good to hear from you! Your family is so lovely. I can't believe he's 11!

Imelda, Thank you. This morning I was looking at them and I guess they're morning glories and yes they are invasive. I just tore a bunch from another garden area. Bindweed is a good name for them because they really wrap themselves around anything else we try to grow! "clematis-bubble" made me giggle. :)