Saturday, April 25, 2009

Healing Through Creativity

Last weekend, our little village here had really amazing Earth Day Events. We had a great time.
One of the booths drew me to it like a magnet. It was advertising Healing Through Creativity.
This is such a beautiful forum and they will be having an art festival just down the street from where I live. What fortunate timing for me. :)
Healing Through Creativity is a forum for survivors. Whether of sexual abuse or of cancer or anything at all, the forum is a safe place to gather online with other survivors and to be reassured again and again that we are not alone.
The Art Festival will have speakers, presenters, workshops, art displays and so many other great things. They welcome submissions if any of you creatives feel moved to donate something. The guidelines for Entry are Here.
Everything at the Festival is free, with the exception of art for sale, obviously. The sale of your art is optional. Art can also be submitted for display purposes. The workshops are free, entertainment (lots of music), everything. It is essentially a gift to Survivors put together by Survivors.
I don't talk much about my childhood but it is pretty scarred with ugly moments. Over the past few years, having discovered a love of art and collage, I've been able to recognize all the parts of me that have been affected by those few ugly moments and slowly but surely I have found healing.
That's what keeps me motivated to do SoulCollage and now has sparked a passion for Healing Through Creativity. I sort of worked out my healing in isolation but that isn't necessary. There are places to go and to relate with others who have been through what we've been through to varying degrees.
Healing Through Creativity is one of those places.
I'm volunteering there now and I wake excited about it every morning.
If you need a safe place to talk or if you want to donate art or just volunteer to support this wonderful group and Festival, please check out Healing Through Creativity.
Editing to add: What drew me to Healing Through Creativity and what sets it apart, for me, is the choice to focus on the positive and their emphasis on creativity. You all know how I feel about creativity and its powerful ability to bring healing and you know that I very much believe in our ability to change the course of our lives with the way we think. I love the way this group combines these elements in an environment that is also a safe place to share our stories.


Healing Expressions said...

So Wonderful Lisa!!! How cool that you are so close! I would love to attend that event! I hope to send some things anyway!Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

I would love for you to attend the event. :) I am so excited that you are planning to send them some things. I think I might, too. I was so happy to see your link to them on your blog. I told them about it.

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Today I am being Patrick. hehe

violette said...

Lisa.......i sure wished i lived in your area.......this sounds like a well need group! I'm so happy that you have chosen to heal yourself privately and also through belonging to a group. You'll most likely turn others on to soul collage. It's been such a blessing and healing tool in your life i know!

Love, Violette

Cheryl said...

Oh, Lisa... thank you for sharing this Treasure with us and for sharing your personal story of how expressing your creativity helped you heal. It too has saved me, creating..and being able to share it with receptive souls like you.
love you..