Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Collage

This collage was done on the cardboard backing that comes with a picture frame. I got the frame at Goodwill last summer (I think) for 50cents. I really like the way it looks behind the glass. This image is scanned but I'll get a photo of the framed piece later.

Both images are from National Geographic. The background is a photograph of the rings of Saturn and the foreground image is a goddess-shaped shin guard that was found in a burial place.

Together, I think it has a kind of iconic look.

I spent a lot of time collaging yesterday. It was so fun and relaxing.

We rented some movies from the library yesterday. I hadn't seen GoodFellas. I liked it. I'm almost caught up on my gangster movies now.

We also rented the Puffy Chair. We had it on for about 3 minutes before we determined that it was not for us. It was like a movie of twitter updates or something. About that interesting.

Two-piece Collage

Have a wonderful day everyone!

BTW, this one is not a SoulCollage card. I've been having fun just putting images together.


Shell said...

I like the way these two images. They flow together well. Have a beautiful Sunday.

J C said...

This one's pretty amazing! xoxoxo