Monday, February 09, 2009

7 Things I Love

I was given an award today! It certainly brought a smile to my face. Lissa is a wonderful new friend that I've met through the Twelve Secrets Book Group. Thank you, Lissa! Getting the award is icing on the cake. Meeting you and so many other wonderful women has been such a pleasure.

Now, what I have to do is list 7 things I love. Only 7? :)

1. I love Patrick. That was easy, right? He is the kindest man I have ever known. He is consistently loving and good. He is so supportive in anything I want to do and always makes me feel that I have a lot to offer the world. Plus, he is easy on the eyes. heeeee

2. I love my kids. Nick is hardworking and generous. He's a good and loyal friend. He's creative. He's taught me so much about just being myself and not worrying about what others think.

Mike is laid back. Also a very loyal friend. He loves to have fun and works hard when it's time to work. Mike is obsessed with music and drumming. I love that he holds onto that dream. I love that he listens to whatever he likes and doesn't get why people would only listen to what's "in." He also has taught me much about just being yourself, no matter how many hassles that can bring from your peers. (and teachers, and um, parents. lol)

Emily (Tim's daughter. I still consider her my kid) :) She is a beautiful wacky girl making her way in the world on her own terms. SHe's taught me a lot about overcoming obstacles without hiding the obstacles. She's really creative, too, and loves her friends mightily.

3. I love the healing ability of art.

4. I love that the Universe works on our behalf to bring us our wildest dreams.

5. I love working from home with my honey.

6. I love music.

7. I love the internet. I love my blogging friends and my facebook friends. I love that the internet provided me with a support system when I couldn't get out and find one and I love that it continues to offer me that support system by keeping me in touch with old and new friends and now my local tribe that is building as I dreamed it would.

There are so many wonderful people to choose from, so choosing 7 is the hardest part. But I'm going to do it anyway because I'm certainly very happy that Lissa chose me as one of her 7.

Lani Kent Lani puts her heart into everything she does. Her desire to reach out to others to bring healing is constantly inspiring to me. Her art is so beautiful and moving. If you haven't visited her, I would encourage you to do that as soon as possible.
Alma Stoller Alma's is a name I had heard but hadn't really checked out. Finally the other day I wandered over to her blog and was blown away by her talent. She is a fiber artist and does other mixed media as well. She seems like such a sweetheart, too. Her blog is full of eye-candy.
Bella has a beautiful blog. Her art is hauntingly beautiful. It's been a source of healing for her and for others so I love that. I also love the way she continuously reaches out to other artists.
Suzi. Everyone knows Suziblu. I am so impressed with the way she has gone about her dream of living from her art. She makes heartfelt videos where she is achingly honest. As I go back and review her old videos and hear her talk about her dreams and then watch in amazement as they come true I am always inspired to hold on to my dreams, no matter how wild.
Laura is a fellow SoulCollager. She's been going through a tough time lately and is so inspiring in her use of SoulCollage to get her and her loved ones through it. She reminds me to go to this seemingly simple act of collage to work through fear and pain.
Wyanne is another artist who believes strongly in the Law of Attraction. It's been wonderful hearing of her dreams coming true and then watching her dreams change a bit and come true again. Beautiful. Plus, her art is just wonderful. I love her videos, showing exactly how she gets the look she gets.
Turquoise Cro does such FuN art! It always makes me happy to see what she's been up to. She's a hoot and also a WV girl, like me. :)

I hope you enjoy checking out these 7 amazing artists. Thank you, again, Lissa for this award.

Much love to everyone.


Shell said...

Congratulations on your award, you deserve it, Lisa!

J C said...

I LOVE that you love so openly and honestly. You are special! xoxoxo

Lisa said...

Thanks so much Shell. :)

Judie, Thank you. You are extra special! Love you much my friend.

Anonymous said...

Lisa! you are a precious soul!! I adore you so~

I loved reading your list of 7 things...Now I need to find some xtra time to create one, oh my ;)

hugs to you !!!

Anonymous said...

I like to read your blog!!
Cross stitch

Jen said...

What a gret list!! Congratulations on your award. Its so cool being able to just pop in on all you creative women out there at any time of the night or day!!! Love it...


Lisa said...

Ah Izabella, you are adored as well.

Bestex I like your blog, too. This started out as a cross stitch blog! I called it groggy froggy because I would get so sleepy and try to cross stitch and end up having to "rip it, rip it."

Jen, thanks! Yeah, I love that, too. And it's always fun that just when you think you've seen all the creative bloggers, you start finding new ones. lol I love that!

LissaL said...

More & more I am finding that I have a common thread ( or 2,3.. ) with my Creative friends! How cool is that?? Family, Art,Children,Music, the Universe, the internet...
Facebook (well I'm not there yet--but my pretend brother is begging me to get with the program!)

Love your list & your art!

turquoise cro said...

Thank YOU, YOU SWEET West Virginia sister!!! LOL Was YOU born in WV??? or did YOU live here for a while or both???!!! Thank YOU!Lisa! for the award!!! SWEET! I have to check these other gals out too! I've been to Bellas and Almas but not for awhile!! I also have art from that SuziBlu!! When I have more time, I'll be checking out all of them! Happy Valentine's Day!!!tomorrow! xoxoxox, Cinda