Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The workshop was beautiful. I love SoulCollage. It was a wonderful evening with extraordinary people and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Thank you for your encouragement. I can't tell you how many times I drew on your comments for strength.

Patrick was my rock, too, and then sat up with me until 2am, letting me talk through my excitement. The last time I was buzzing like that was after the Facilitator Training.

I love being a facilitator!

My heart is overflowing.

The people who gathered last night were each amazing and they were so open and sharing.

I loved watching them make the cards and hearing what they had to say.

And all of their cards were absolutely beautiful.

I could go on and on.

It was a tremendous experience.

I asked their permission before taking pictures and told them that you, my dear supportive friends, would want to see them.

Thank you again.


Unknown said...

Wow Lisa, it looks like everything was wondeerful. I'm so pleased for you. I hope your good fortune continues to grow.

Pam Aries said...

Yippie YA YAY!!!! Lisa you are a woderful woman full of lots of fabulousness to give!

Natalie said...

Excellent! Well done. Makes me want to jump on a plane and do some too!

Anonymous said...

Told you so :-). That looks like a happy bunch to me. So happy for you! Love the doll below, one of my favorites!

Kathie said...

I am so happy for you Lisa!

Lisa said...

Thank you guys so much! Many many hugs and kisses to you. xoxoxox