Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a week! And It's Only Tuesday!

Wouldn't you love to be the little birdie who gets to live here?

I had so much fun painting this little birdhouse. I have a bunch of them that I collaged when I first starting doing such things. I've been wanting to change them up but had loaned them to a ladies church group for decorating their tables. I got them back last week and having a good time redecorating them.

For the sand, I mixed some parchment colored craft paint with mod podge and painted the sand where I wanted it. Then I sprinkled some glitter in. The legs are wine corks that I cut in half. The signs are popsicle sticks. The driftwood is from some potpourri.

I would love to buy a little bird and dress it in fun swimming trunks. ha! Or maybe throw a little beach towel over the peg.

My SoulCollage workshop is the day after tomorrow. I just spoke with the hostess and it looks like we will have the perfect number of 10-12. That means we can all sit around one table which increased my comfort level considerably.

We've decided to approach it as a fun night, concentrating mostly on the making of the cards and less on the reading. Again, comfort levels stabilizing.

I mentioned on Facebook that I wanted to work with children. A wonderful woman there (who will be at the workshop) has hooked me up with her daughter-in-law who is an in-home therapist with children. She is interested in exploring the possibility of using the SoulCollage process with them and has also offered to put me in contact with other therapists in the area who might want to do the same.

While I was talking to the hostess of the workshop this morning, I mentioned that I might like to do some art camps around art journaling this summer. She offered her three grandchildren and her front porch (which is sooooooo lovely) as practice for me.

Ohhh! And this weekend, after realizing that there are amazing art bloggers (thanks Violette!) who live right here in Roanoke, I did a blogger search on Roanoke. I happened across a really interesting and fun-to-read blog by a man who used to write for our local newspaper. I signed up as a follower of his blog.

He wrote to thank me and apparently saw Roanoke SuddenValues in my profile. He asked about it and after emailing a bit, he asked if we would mind being interviewed for his business magazine! It's a new magazine that I've admired since it's recent beginning because it spotlights business with heart.

So, it's been quite an amazing week around here.

I am grateful for all the amazing people that the Universe is allowing me to meet and I'm thankful that the path just keeps unfolding in front of me.

Thank you for your encouraging comments. I think I may print them out and use them as affirmations because they bring so much strength to me.

My heart is full.


Caroline said...

Wow your path seems to be unrolling and turning into a red carpet!

Unknown said...

Yea Lisa,
This is all such great news. Good for you. (Pom poms waving and boisterous cheering).

Anonymous said...

Wow! What wonderful surprises and synchronicities are coming your way, Lisa! So happy for you, my friend~xo

p.s. and yes, what little beachbird wouldn't love to live there? So cute!

Shell said...

I'm happy that things are moving into place for you, Lisa.

esk said...

Love the bird house!

Annie Coe said...

Wonderful birdhouse! See how everything is just unfloding like magic :-). Have a grand time! XOXO

Suzie Ridler said...

If I were a birdie (and I think a part of me is) I would LOVE the beach shack! It's so up my alley, LOL. What a fantastic idea, ingenious and so well done.

Look at the opportunities opening up to you! You're ready for it.

Thank you for your kind words. I'll get through this somehow. I'm glad to hear that the fridge is your husband's obsession! More time to do art, that rocks.

Anonymous said...

I love this magical world you're in, all the paths opening up for you!

J C said...

Wonderful things happening to you Lisa, and you totally deserve every single good thing that comes along. You are an inspiration to me, because I can see how your life has improved, excelled, made you happy, since you started being positive about yourself when you left that other situation. I am trying to climb upwards also as you know, and your successess give me hope. Thanks for posting such an uplifting message. You ROCK! xoxoxo