Friday, December 12, 2008

Proud Mama and a Little Silliness


Mike, my 16 year old, got his GED yesterday! I'm so proud of him!

I baked a cake for him and he designed it. I present to you: The Man Cake.


CynthiaMarie said...

Congratulations "Man" Mike!!! WTG! and proud Mom, I loved hearing your laugh!

thx for sharing!

Lisa said...

You are sweet to say that. I almost didn't post the video because of my laugh but, hey, it's me! My son cracks me up. With these three men I laugh like that all the time. :)

Me said...

yeah for him - love the man cake - you have a cute laugh...

Kai said...

Aloha Lisa,
Well, proud mummy, congraddies to you for raising a wonderful son and congraddies to Mike for his achievement!!

I looked at the video you posted yesterday too, thanks so much for sharing!
peace, Kai

Annie said...

Happy GED day :-)!

Lisa said...

Thanks Me! It is so great to see you.

Kai Thank you! Oh wasn't that video great? It makes me want to do that.

Annie Thank you! He's very happy. :)