Friday, December 05, 2008

The Law of Distraction

This has been a crazy but wonderful week.

I send out our weekly update every Tuesday. I usually have it out by noon. This week it went out at 1am on Wednesday.

There are so many new businesses and they all had new offers to send out this week. Some had more than one offer.

In addition to that, we send out individual campaigns every two weeks but this week everyone seemed to want a new campaign sent out. The beauty of SuddenValues is that everything is in real time so if a client says they want something sent, I send it.

A campaign is essentially a newsletter. I like to insert images to make it more interesting and some little tidbits of information so each campaign takes quite some time.

I finally sent the last two campaigns today.

Then someone sent us new graphics that she wants to use (I just made all her graphics Tuesday) and I made those today. They look so much better! Photoshop is my new best friend.

Another great thing about our service being small, local and immediate is that someone can just call and ask for something.

This week, a well-loved physician in our area and his teenage daughter were killed in an automobile accident. The community is mourning. One of our merchants called last night and said that the wife and mother was a wonderful client of hers. The child was her only child. This merchant sells beautiful children and teens clothing. She felt it would be heartbreaking if this mother should receive one of her campaigns now and asked that I remove her name from our database. I was able to do it within seconds of speaking with her.

One of the campaigns I sent out Monday was for the grand reopening of a local restaurant. Yesterday the owners called and said it wasn't going to happen this weekend afterall and so I was able to immediately send out an announcement to all of their customers.

It feels good to be a part of these businesses. Patrick and I feel responsible for them. Sometimes they feel like our children. We want them to do well and we do the absolute best for them that we can do.

Besides feeling so great about that part of it, I love the job itself. Playing in photoshop, using my writing skills, learning more html to enhance the coupons or their campaigns or webpages all keep me creatively happy.

So, while I am distracted (yes, she finally got to the title suggestion) from my other art, I am happily creating art of another kind for local merchants in the Roanoke Valley and that makes me feel good.

This weekend I intend to do some collage. I'm itching to do some painting and gluing. I've been watching videos this evening. Wyanne
is a mixed media artist that I enjoy a lot and her videos are always so inspiring. She also works the hell out of the law of attraction and is always encouraging.

I'm planning a giveaway soon. I need to get to the printers first as I want to give away some prints of different pieces I've done.

Do you have any favorites you'd like to have a print of?


Pam Aries said...

WOW! I love the look of your blog! And ...Iam so proud of you! Way to go ,girl!

Pam Aries said...

Annddd... boy do I know the Law of attraction WORKS>>>>

Lisa said...

Pam You are one of the absolute biggest inspirations for me. It's been amazing watching your life the past couple of years. Love you. Isn't it weird how I miss you being on the East Coast? LOL I'm so glad you're over there, though. I can hear the exhilaration in your voice when we talk!

J C said...

Hey Lisa! It looks like your business is doing well and that you are HAPPY doing it. That's what counts most. I scrolled back a bit 'cuz I haven't been here in awhile and I saw your little pity party. We all have them, but I wanted to tell you that never, ever, ever does your work "suck" as you worried about. Just remember that America's economy is at the lowest it has ever been and people just don't have money to spend on extra stuff. They may spend money on advertising their business, but that's becuz their business is their income. But the frills and special "I want that" stuff just sits for now. It isn't you!

Congrats on your Artella job. I'll be visiting there more often now I think. I left Artella for awhile because the website got sort of overkill, but I'll slide back over there when I get some extra computer time.....and ahem...maybe a link? Heeeeheeeheee I love you girl! You are very special! xoxoxo

Lisa said...

Hi Judie,

I've already emailed you personally but wanted to say again here how much your email meant to me today.

You are such a special person and I love you very much.

Natalie said...

Wow, love your blog. It's beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thank you Natalie! I tried to leave a comment on your blog but got a message that it wasn't delivered. I loved the story and your blog is gorgeous.